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Keyword search tips

Most of the time entering a keyword like "campfires" or "bake ovens" or "permits" will get you started just fine. But here are some simple operators you can experiment with to refine your search (think of these as a tiny query language).

Operator Meaning Example Finds
+ AND operator; word must be included; use this most of the time +apples +oranges both "apples" and "oranges" must be found in the same document.
- NOT operator; word must not be included apples -oranges "apples" must be found without the word "oranges".
* wild card (must be appended to the end) camp* camp, camps, campfire, campfires, Campbell
<blank> absence of an operator is interpreted as OR; any document with the word will be found apples oranges any document with either "apples" or "oranges" will be found
"<phrase>" exact phrase; words enclosed in double quotes must be found exactly "orange apples" the phrase "orange apples" must be found
(<term>) grouping; search terms in parentheses are evaluated separately +bananas +(apples oranges) find "bananas" with either "apples" or "oranges"

Note that keywords less than four characters long are ignored.

Keywords are searched in the Title, Caption, Location, Description, and Body of documents.

Keyword search does not look for the root of plurals. So "campfires" will not find "campfire", nor will "campfire" find "campfires". To find both use "campfire*".

Some (very commonly used) keywords are ignored altogether. These are called "stopwords". For a list see stopwords.

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2012 lockout/strike

Part of: Labour Relations

Date: 08-Jan-2012 [896]

2012 lockout/strike in the media

Part of: 2012 lockout/strike

Date: 20-Jan-2012 [964 "lockout_media"]

A Bird's Eye View: When Lively Parks meet the Rules  Our list of findings

Description: The rules that govern our local parks are buried in over 1000 pages of laws and other "rules" that most of us know nothing about. Why are we ruled by so many unknown rules? What does this choice of governance cost us?

Part of: Risk Managment The Legal and Regulatory Framework

Date: 18-Jun-2012 By: Belinda Cole [1236]

A Ward 18 Parks Conservancy

Description: Possibly, a better way to govern public space

Part of: Community involvement Getting Involved Governance and Effectiveness Parks, Forestry & Recreation

Date: 22-Feb-2012 [1037]

ABC's and external agencies  2011

Description: Council appointments to city and external agencies

Part of: City boards - policies and procedures Community Engagement Government

Date: 06-May-2011 [433]

Accessible Employment

Part of: Accessibility and Disability

Date: 12-Mar-2014 [9509]

Accessible playgrounds

Description: How can neighbourhood playgrounds be fun for all kids, including those who are physically challenged?

Part of: Accessibility and Disability Governance Project: Related Documentation Management: Playgrounds Using the Commons

Date: 18-Oct-2011 [735]


Part of: General Policies

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [569 "advertising"]

Analysis of Spreadsheet: OPERATING EXPENDITURES DETAILS FOR WARD 18 from 2011 information  Highlights and Commentary

Description: analysis of data from FOI 2012-0679

Part of: Financial View: Ward 18 PFR Cost Data and Analysis Ward 18 budget links

Date: 13-Jul-2012 [1555]

Arts and Events in public space

Date: 24-Jul-2012 [1712]


Part of: Accountability Officers

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [570]

Background: Ward 18 Conservancy

Description: While the city has been centralizing, some ward 18 parks have been operated by local staff with initiative. It's worked, and the conservancy would like to keep that going

Part of: A Ward 18 Parks Conservancy

Date: 18-Jul-2012 [1602]

Bake Ovens

Description: Bake ovens are a great way to learn about cooking, history, and fire in a social setting. And the food is delicious!

Part of: Facilities in Parks Food in public space Governance Project: Related Documentation Parks and Recreation Facilities Using the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [571]


Description: The story of trying to get a (donated) bio-toilet installed near the playground at Dufferin Grove park, so the kids wouldn't have to use the nearby tree. Didn't work though.

Part of: Building Codes Getting Involved Governance Project: Related Documentation Parks and Recreation Facilities

Date: 19-Oct-2011 [744]

Budget Issues

Part of: Financial View

Date: 28-Oct-2012 [7382]

Building Codes

Part of: The Legal and Regulatory Framework

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [572]


Description: One of the simple things that bring people together

Part of: Facilities in Parks Food in public space Parks and Recreation Facilities Using the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [573]

Capital Budget

Part of: Financial View

Date: 21-Oct-2011 [753]

Capital Projects

Part of: Auditor Financial View

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [574]

Central Park Conservancy  Conservancy; USA

Part of: Conservancy and alternative models

Date: 07-Mar-2012 [1079]

Centre for Local Research into Public Space (CELOS)  The operator of this website

Part of: Community involvement

Date: 24-Feb-2013 [8650]

City Administration and the Ward 18 Conservancy

Description: Administration would take place through the Ward 18 Conservancy office. Other city departments, partnerships, community, unions. Systems include Work Order, Purchase Order, Permits, Registrations, Accounting, Fees. Also Communications and Controls.

Part of: Management: Ward 18 Conservancy

Date: 18-Jul-2012 [1610]

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