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Keyword search tips

Most of the time entering a keyword like "campfires" or "bake ovens" or "permits" will get you started just fine. But here are some simple operators you can experiment with to refine your search (think of these as a tiny query language).

Operator Meaning Example Finds
+ AND operator; word must be included; use this most of the time +apples +oranges both "apples" and "oranges" must be found in the same document.
- NOT operator; word must not be included apples -oranges "apples" must be found without the word "oranges".
* wild card (must be appended to the end) camp* camp, camps, campfire, campfires, Campbell
<blank> absence of an operator is interpreted as OR; any document with the word will be found apples oranges any document with either "apples" or "oranges" will be found
"<phrase>" exact phrase; words enclosed in double quotes must be found exactly "orange apples" the phrase "orange apples" must be found
(<term>) grouping; search terms in parentheses are evaluated separately +bananas +(apples oranges) find "bananas" with either "apples" or "oranges"

Note that keywords less than four characters long are ignored.

Keywords are searched in the Title, Caption, Location, Description, and Body of documents.

Keyword search does not look for the root of plurals. So "campfires" will not find "campfire", nor will "campfire" find "campfires". To find both use "campfire*".

Some (very commonly used) keywords are ignored altogether. These are called "stopwords". For a list see stopwords.

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Summary of correspondances  Disabled parking/loading signage

Part of: Disabled parking/loading signage: The problem

Date: 22-Sep-2014 [9600]

Correspondence re brain injury data between CELOS and the Brain Injury Association of Canada (BIAC)  Source given by Kelvin Seow

Description: This is the analysis of helmet documentation given by PFR management

Part of: PFR Management view on Helmets

Date: 25-May-2014 [9583]

Cash Handling Proposal for PFR  submitted by Recreation Staff from Ward 18 parks

Part of: Cash handling at Ward 18 Parks and Rinks

Date: 29-Mar-2014 [9552]

Correspondance with Jim Hart 2014  see attachments for further correspondance

Part of: PFR Management view on Helmets

Date: 27-Mar-2014 [9546]

Cover Letter: Helmets Issue to Jim Hart

Description: On January 9th, 2014, the editor send this cover letter and a link to their Special Helmet Issue report (see attachment) to Jim Hart, the general manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, they asked him to report back on his response.

Part of: unassigned

Date: 09-Jan-2014 [9465]

Cob Maintenance

Part of: Building Codes

Date: 24-May-2013 [9304]

Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?  The Huffington Post Blog, by: Christine Gross-Loh

Part of: Playgrounds Safety

Date: 07-May-2013 [9265]

Riverdale Farm 2012 Bake Oven Information  March 2013

Part of: Bake Ovens

Date: 25-Mar-2013 [9022]

First Proposal

Part of: MacGregor Park Stimulus Funding 2009

Date: 15-Mar-2013 [8859]


Part of: MacGregor Park Stimulus Funding 2009

Date: 15-Mar-2013 [8861]


Part of: MacGregor Park Stimulus Funding 2009

Date: 14-Mar-2013 [8828]


Part of: MacGregor Park Stimulus Funding 2009

Date: 13-Mar-2013 [8748]

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