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re: 2013 SAP report for Ward 18, and omissions in Jan 2013 expense record

31-Mar-2014 [9606]

Dear Mr.Graham,

I'm hoping that you can send me the SAP for all of South District (not only Ward 18) for 2013. That way we can search for what you call "variances" ourselves. If the file is too large, I am happy to come to your office and pick up a CD copy.

The term "variance" may not always apply. There is, for example, a variance in the Pcard numbers which are publicly accessible -- some of the same items were entered in both June and July 2013, adding up to an error of about $1000. The mistake is easy to see and easy to fix.

But what we're looking for are missing numbers -- omissions. In January 2013, it is clear that somewhere around $3000 in grocery expenditures were not entered in the Dufferin Grove cost centres. For 2013 as a whole, SAP reports almost $5000 less income for the Dufferin Grove cost centres than we logged in our own accounting.

Your email of last week suggests that we might have to pay to find out what happened here. A better idea would be for us to go through the SAP for all of South District, and hunt for those missing numbers ourselves.

Or were you suggesting in your e-mail that FPARS is a better route to track the missing numbers? If so, who should we contact?

Please let me know mid-week if you still require us to go through FOI.

Thank you,

Jutta Mason