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Keyword search tips

Most of the time entering a keyword like "campfires" or "bake ovens" or "permits" will get you started just fine. But here are some simple operators you can experiment with to refine your search (think of these as a tiny query language).

Operator Meaning Example Finds
+ AND operator; word must be included; use this most of the time +apples +oranges both "apples" and "oranges" must be found in the same document.
- NOT operator; word must not be included apples -oranges "apples" must be found without the word "oranges".
* wild card (must be appended to the end) camp* camp, camps, campfire, campfires, Campbell
<blank> absence of an operator is interpreted as OR; any document with the word will be found apples oranges any document with either "apples" or "oranges" will be found
"<phrase>" exact phrase; words enclosed in double quotes must be found exactly "orange apples" the phrase "orange apples" must be found
(<term>) grouping; search terms in parentheses are evaluated separately +bananas +(apples oranges) find "bananas" with either "apples" or "oranges"

Note that keywords less than four characters long are ignored.

Keywords are searched in the Title, Caption, Location, Description, and Body of documents.

Keyword search does not look for the root of plurals. So "campfires" will not find "campfire", nor will "campfire" find "campfires". To find both use "campfire*".

Some (very commonly used) keywords are ignored altogether. These are called "stopwords". For a list see stopwords.

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Guide: Activities

·1· How Do I ... ?

Description: Tips from experience

Part of: Using the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [590]

·3· Campfires

Description: One of the simple things that bring people together

Part of: Facilities in Parks Food in public space Parks and Recreation Facilities Using the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [573]

·4· Food in public space

Description: Food is the best, and goes with outdoor space like eggs go with salsa

Part of: Using the Commons

Date: 18-Oct-2011 [736]

·5· Sports in Public Space

Description: The City has just under 200 sports fields on offer.

Part of: Governance Project: Related Documentation Using the Commons

Date: 24-Jul-2012 [1711]

·6· Parks and Recreation Facilities

Date: 20-Sep-2011 [631 "parkfacilities"]

·7· Permits

Description: There are two basic ways to use park facilities: through programs, and through permits. This Topic provides information on permits.

Part of: Governance Project: Related Documentation Parks and Recreation Facilities Using the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [604 "permits"]

·8· Our Public Commons

Description: We're mostly interested in parks around here, but there are lots of other public commons areas in Toronto

Date: 24-Jul-2012 [1672]

·9· User Groups

Description: Public space user groups

Date: 24-Oct-2012 [7349]

Guide: Social and Institutional Support

·10· Community involvement

Description: Community Involvement is one of the hallmarks of a great city. This folder provides a doorway into this side of the public commons.

Part of: Getting Involved

Date: 21-Oct-2011 [754]

·11· Government  Mostly City of Toronto

Date: 20-Oct-2011 [750]

·12· Governance and Effectiveness  A variety of perspectives

Date: 19-Oct-2011 [741]

·13· Financial View  Where the money goes

Description: Citywide, in parks, and the example of Ward 18

Part of: Understanding the Commons

Date: 21-Oct-2011 [752]

·14· Staffing and Leadership

Description: People are the greatest asset of any organization

Date: 22-Jul-2012 [1658]

·15· Safety and Liability  Safety is a pre-requisite; fun is the aim

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [610]

·16· The Legal and Regulatory Framework  Laws, Regulations, Policies, Enforcement and Justice

Description: There's a TON of great reference material in here that we have hardly begun to sort through.

Part of: Governance Project: Related Documentation Understanding the Commons

Date: 20-Oct-2011 [751]

·17· Information and Transparency  Freedom of Information

Part of: Understanding the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [588]

Guide: How to model complex information

·18· Meta: Notes on how to think about organizing this website

Date: 04-Oct-2012 By: Henrik Bechmann [6803]

Information Technology

Part of: Understanding the Commons

Date: 20-Mar-2013 [8873]

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