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2013 SAP report for Ward 18, and omissions in Jan 2013 expense record

14-Feb-2014 [9604]

• Asking for SAP 2013

Hello Mr. Graham,

Last year on this date (email copied below) you sent me the updated 2012 year-end SAP report for Ward 18. Could I please have the updated Ward 18 SAP report for 2013 year-end as soon as it's available?

Has Open Data begun to include SAP data?

Also, last June, I raised a question, so far unanswered, about missing grocery receipts in SAP. I have now been able to compare food income and expenses for January 2013 and January 2014. As you can see, for an income of $800 less in January 2014 compared to January 2013, the 2014 grocery costs were recorded as $3600 higher. The January 2014 number is realistic. So it looks like the January 2013 numbers are short by at least $3000 -- unless there has been a correction since I saw the original SAP and PCard records. If a correction was made, could I see it, to compare it to my records?

January food income (bread plus snack bar plus Friday Night Supper) 2013: $11,321.72 2014: $10,449.66

January grocery expenses:

2013: $1,987.62 2014: $5,590.90

Thanks in advance Jutta Mason

cc: Ann Ulusoy <>, Peter Lapadula <>, Glen Synowicki <>, Marcel Vieira <>, Dufferin Park <>