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PFR Budget Information

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PFR Budget Information

Setup: 20-Sep-2012 [6750]

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Community Recreation 2012 budget briefing  created by Amy Katz for Community Recreation for All

Description: "This document contains Community Recreation for All's assessment of the 2012 Parks, Forestry and Recreation budget proposal based on available information from Parks, Forestry and Recreation and City documents. " taken from the document

Part of: PFR Budget Information

Date: 28-Sep-2012 Source: link direct link (dec5budgetbriefingrecreation.pdf) [6782]

PFR Capital Budget Summary

Description: Preliminary: unverified

Part of: PFR Budget Information

Date: 13-Feb-2013 [8522]

PFR Financial Trends

Description: Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation budget has been rising steadily (and substantially) whether in absolute or inflation-adjusted terms. The question is: why?

Part of: Financial View: Ward 18 PFR Cost Data and Analysis PFR Budget Information Understanding the Commons

Date: 22-Mar-2012 By: Henrik Bechmann [1101]

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