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Safety and Liability
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Wading pool safety

Setup: 24-Oct-2012 [7356]

• The City of Toronto has a sole-source contract with the lifesaving society for training and materials. This topic also contains details on chlorine and more.

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Guide: More than $3M over 5 years or so

·1· Sole Source Contract with the Royal Lifesaving Society  Agenda Item History 2009_GM24_16

Part of: City Council decisions pertaining to parks Wading pool safety

Date: 24-Oct-2012 direct link (AgendaItemHistory2009_GM24_16.pdf) [7326]

Guide: This FOI respoonse indicates that the Tyvek suits are cheap, and were instituted for first principle reasons, not in response to a safety record problem.

·4· Personal Protective Equipment-Using Tyvek suits at wading pools  FOI Request 2012-1487

Part of: Information and Transparency Materials Safety Data Sheets for Calcium Hypochlorite 65% Wading pool safety

Date: 23-Oct-2012 direct link (FOIRequest2012-1487.pdf) [7317]

Criteria for closing a wading pool

Description: This document was given to CELOS in 2011 by the assistant to Councillor Bailao. The assistant has not been able to find out from city staff if these criteria were generated by the Ministry of Health Long Term Care, or the City.

Part of: Regulatory View: Wading Pools Wading pool safety

Date: 12-Aug-2011 [505]

Pool safety inspector  small version - no original

Part of: Album: Measurement Kit and Chlorination Wading pool safety

Date: 12-Mar-2014 direct link (poolsafetyinspector06_mag.jpg) [9507]

Staff Report: Public Health Engineers Advocacy  February 2011

Description: This report states that: "expensive and very complicated engineering designs are required to protect public health,..." What are the effects of industry advocacy - on democratic decision-making and budgets?

Part of: A Bird's Eye View: When Lively Parks meet the Rules The Cost of Bureaucracy The Cost of Laws and policies Wading pool safety

Date: 25-Oct-2011 [773]

The Tragic Case of Abigail Rose Taylor

Description: Died (after organ replacement surgery) after accidentally sitting on an uncovered, pumped, wading pool drain. Toronto's wading pool drains do not have pumps, yet the case is cited for emptying pools of people during draining.

Part of: Wading pool safety

Date: 08-Nov-2012 [7446]

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