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First Aid City Staff Training Requirements

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First Aid City Staff Training Requirements

Setup: 07-Apr-2011 [429]

Part of First Aid

City Staff First Aid Training Requirements

WSIB Ontario - First Aid requirements, regulation 1101

This is about WORKER safety, workers' access to first aid in case of injury, NOT first aid for members of the public or participants in a program...

"The expense of furnishing and maintaining first aid appliances and services shall be borne by the employer." -p 6

"All places of employment must have workers trained in first aid and first aid boxes with the equipment they need to off er first aid service quickly and safely." -p 15

"First Aid Training for Workers
Regulation 1101 requires all employers to ensure that first aid boxes and stations are in the charge of workers who hold valid first aid certificates issued by a training agency recognized by the Board. Employers should arrange for first aid training directly with the recognized training organization of their choice." -p 20

WSIB Ontario - list of approved first aid trainers


There are lots of providers - training seems to be minimum 13 hours, avg 16 hours; some trainers offer AED training in addition, for more $ though not always more hours; standard cost between $95 - $150 depending on who is providing location, AED or not, etc.

  • What are the standards/requirements/other guidelines for a 'level C first aid and CPR training, in order to be recognized by the WSIB? (length of the training, subjects covered, evaluation methods, cost for participants...) (Anything that might point to why EMS would have a 100% attendance policy?)
  • What is the arrangement, then, between EMS and the City such that EMS was hosting trainings at City Hall... does EMS just rent conference rooms like any other group, or does it have a special arrangement with the City? if so, how much are they charged, and how does this compare to what other groups are charged?*
City of Toronto - Human Resources Policies - First Aid/CPR

Very general... a policy approved in 1998. simply says that the City as an employer will comply with WSIB Regulation 1101, all City of Toronto workplaces are subject to this.

It also says: "Managers/supervisors are responsible for ensuring that an appropriate number of personnel are trained in first aid/CPR at those facilities under their jurisdiction."

So: it's managers/supervisors responsibility to make sure there's always someone with First Aid/CPR training on site, in accordance with the WSIB guidelines. It's NOT a City-wide policy, at least not officially, that ALL staff need to be trained. Also, this policy only references the WSIB Regulation 1101, so it's about worker safety, not the safety of participants or members of the public... there must be some other policy regarding participant safety/staff certification

  • Is the pf&r policy different? how is it different?
City of Toronto - PF&R - FUN Guide

(on adapted programs/integrated services:) "Staff are 18 years or older and are selected based on positive attitude, experience working with individuals with special needs, enthusiasm and compassion." (no specific mention of staff being trained in first aid or cpr...)

Link to the job postings section was not working, so i couldn't see if first aid training was a requirement for anything...

Standard First Aid & CPR training...

According to a telephone agent at FUN, all trainings that are accessible through the FUN guide are provided by the Lifesaving Society; the Lifesaving Society has a contract with the City.

  • What is this contract? What does the City provide (spaces, phone/online registration, admin)? How many people enroll in these classes, much does the Lifesaving Society make, what is the duration of the contract, etc.)
  • What is the Lifesaving Society's (and for that matter other first aid trainers') policy wrt late arrivals, etc. Is evaluation based on some test of the participants' assilmiation of the course content only, or is there a similar "100% attendance" policy...
  • IF other training providers have the same or similar policies, where does this standard come from??? is it based on requirements of the WSIB?

Application form for first aid training through To. EMS - including policy on absences/refunds:

EMS Toronto: list&descriptions of first aid and cpr trainings

EMS how to become an instructor:

Lifesaving Society - Ontario: list&descriptions of first aid and cpr trainings

Maybe useful later? - City of Toronto - Human Resources Policies tuition reimbursement for employee development

First Aid City Staff Training Requirements

Setup: 07-Apr-2011 [429]

Part of First Aid

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Lifesaving society

Description: Offers various courses

Part of: First Aid City Staff Training Requirements Wading pool safety Who makes the rules?

Date: 15-Jul-2012 direct link [1567]


Part of: First Aid City Staff Training Requirements

Date: 15-Jul-2012 direct link (External-Training-Application-2009v1.pdf) [1564]

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