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Revenue, Including Fees
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Municipal Fines

Setup: 06-Jan-2012 [883]

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Bio-Toilet Correspondence 3

Description: Bio-Toilet Problems And Follow Up: Correspondence, July 2, 2006 to March 30, 2007

Part of: Community Notebooks: The Bio-toilet Saga Municipal Fines

Date: 28-May-2010 [69]

C-45 prosecutions

Description: Several links to articles about C-45 prosecutions to 2009

Part of: Municipal Fines OHSA

Date: 03-Jun-2010 [14]

Dogs - Off-Leash Policy

Description: Dogs and Parks - Off-Leash Policy 2010

Part of: General Policies Municipal Fines

Date: 29-May-2010 direct link (Dogs-Off-LeashPolicy.pdf) [310]

Full Costing Model for Municipal Accounting

Part of: Municipal Accounting Municipal Fines PFR costing Studies

Date: 27-Dec-2011 direct link (FullCostingReview-Dec12-07FINAL.pdf) [877]

More complaints about New York City restaurant inspections  Out-of-town example of fines against ordinary things

Part of: Food in public space Municipal Fines

Date: 26-Dec-2011 Location: New York City [875]

Unlawful liquor sales

Part of: Court cases Municipal Fines

Date: 19-Jan-2011 [37]

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