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Revenue, Including Fees
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Setup: 10-Sep-2011 [584]

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Donation Policy - Toronto

Part of: Donations General Policies

Date: 29-May-2010 direct link (donation_policy.pdf) [295]

Donations for PFR capital projects

Description: Charitable Donations for Parks, Forestry and Recreation Capital projects. Citywide, 2005.

Part of: Capital Projects Donations

Date: 15-Jun-2010 [392]

Garden Donation

Description: Private Donation to An Accessible Water-themes and Sensory Garden at Earl Bales park, staff report March 2009

Part of: Community Gardens Donations

Date: 14-Jun-2010 [377]

High Park children's kitchen

Description: Donation from Sir Sanford Fleming to build High Park kitchen

Part of: Community Kitchens Donations

Date: 14-Jun-2010 [376]

Income Tax Receipts For Donations

Description: The policy and procedure in respect of issuing income tax receipts for cash donations and gifts-in-kind made to the City,

Part of: Donations General Policies

Date: 15-Jun-2010 direct link (IncomeTaxReceiptsForCashDonations.pdf) [395]

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