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·9· Bio-toilet

Setup: 19-Oct-2011 [744]

• The story of trying to get a (donated) bio-toilet installed near the playground at Dufferin Grove park, so the kids wouldn't have to use the nearby tree. Didn't work though.

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·1· Dufferin Grove Park Composting Toilet Project  presentation by Georgie Donais

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 01-Dec-2010 direct link (GeorgiePresentationDec.1v2a.pdf) [8546]

·2· Rivercourt Engineering Inc presentation  Composting Toilet System

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 01-Dec-2010 direct link (RivercourtEngDec-2010.pdf) [8547]

·3· Bio-toilet Feasibility Study  by Rohan Walters

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 10-Nov-2010 direct link (DGP-biotoilet-display-Nov-10web.pdf) [8548]

·4· Notes from Bio Toilet Public Meeting

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 08-Nov-2010 direct link (BioToiletPublicMeetingNotesNov8_10v2.pdf) [8549]

·5· Bio-toilet In Dufferin Grove Park

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 28-May-2010 [72]

·9· Regulatory View: Bio-toilets

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 14-Feb-2013 [8543]

Bio-toilet Links

Part of: Bio-toilet

Date: 07-May-2011 [136]

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