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Cost Recovery- Parks

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Cost Recovery- Parks

Setup: 10-Sep-2011 [581]

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Auditor Report

Description: Auditor General's Report on purchasing cards

Part of: Auditor Cost Recovery- Parks

Date: 14-Jun-2010 [381]

Cash handling inquiry

Description: Auditor's report on East York Curling Club

Part of: Cash Handling and Risk Management Cost Recovery- Parks Proliferating regulations

Date: 14-Jun-2010 [380]

Permit Rates 2013

Part of: Cost Recovery- Parks

Date: 27-Jan-2013 direct link [8401]

Revenue Shortfalls - PFR

Description: History of PFR revenue shortfalls to 1999 - 2005

Part of: Cost Recovery- Parks Operating Budget

Date: 15-Jun-2010 [387]

Sponsorships and Naming Rights

Description: Partnership Policies to Promote and Recognize Contributions to the City

Part of: Advertising Cost Recovery- Parks Partnerships

Date: 03-Nov-2011 [783]

Welcome Policy 2004

Part of: Cost Recovery- Parks General Policies

Date: 04-Jun-2010 direct link (WelcomePolicy.pdf) [366]

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