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Dufferin Grove Park

Setup: 03-Mar-2012 [1067]


See the Dufferin Grove Park website

Friends of Dufferin Grove Park

by Jutta Mason

There is a not-well-defined group called "Friends of Dufferin Grove Park" that's busy in and around the park. It started with four people in 1993, and over the years it's picked up between 80 and 100 people. There are no membership cards, nor a fee. We don't have a mission statement. We rarely have meetings (the nature of open space is that people are talking to each other enough that most of the issues are talked about as the occasion arises).

The goal is to establish public space as a place where people in a neighbourhood can come to know each other, as little or as much as they want. The programs are mainly ones that other people -- all sorts -- bring to the park (dance, theater, stories, sports, music, whatever).

Here's a video of the "Big Back Yard" which is the play sand pile at Dufferin Grove Park. The video is from the early days of the play area, in 1994

Here's a slideshow of pictures found on Flickr. To see text with each item:

  • start the slideshow
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Dufferin Grove Park

Setup: 03-Mar-2012 [1067]

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