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Hastings Park Conservancy

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Hastings Park Conservancy

Conservancy; Canada
Setup: 07-Mar-2012 [1077]

Mission Statement

The Hastings Park Conservancy is an independent society, registered under the BC Society Act since 2000.

We are a volunteer-run, community-based organization. In other words, we are your neighbours! From the 1990s, founding Conservancy members were instrumental in the planning and vision of the Sanctuary in Hastings Park, giving input to City Engineering.

A Board of Directors governs the Conservancy and consists of members whom are both elected and appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

Arrangements with government: joa_rep1.pdf which contained a proposed arrangement has disappeared, and was apparently never ratified.

News about Hastings

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Hastings Park Conservancy

Conservancy; Canada
Setup: 07-Mar-2012 [1077]

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Mission Statement

Part of: Hastings Park Conservancy

Date: 30-Dec-2012 direct link [8263]

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