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Governance and Effectiveness
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General City Governance

Setup: 22-Sep-2011 [636]

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City governance, general

Description: Two models of civic governance of parks and public spaces

Part of: General City Governance

Date: 29-May-2010 By: Belinda Cole [199]

City rules ruining another park's community success story

Part of: Community Notebooks: Campfires General City Governance

Date: 03-Nov-2011 direct link (CityRulesRuiningAnotherPark'sSuccessStory.pdf) [782]

Civic decision-making - comparison - Yukon and Toronto

Description: The Yukon's Municipal Act states that "That public participation is fundamental to good local government;", and makes space for a citizen-initiated referenda on most municipal matters. Toronto city law focuses on the city as an "economic engine".

Part of: General City Governance

Date: 28-May-2010 By: Belinda Cole [200]

Haida Gwaii agreement

Description: Kunst’aa Guu – Kunst’aayah Reconciliation Protocol

Part of: General City Governance

Date: 05-Aug-2010 [243]

Public Works

Description: Public Works Protection Act

Part of: Community Engagement General City Governance

Date: 26-Jun-2010 [182]

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