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Mel Lastman Sq

29-May-2010 [320]

• Mel Lastman Square Special Event Guidelines

Part of Permits


Mel Lastman Square Special Event Guidelines (pdf)

General Facilities

Mel Lastman Square has 20,000sq.ft. of open space and is open to host events that accommodate up to 5,000 participants. The stage is an outdoor amphitheatre, which can accommodate over 2,000 spectators. More than 600 audience members can be seated in permanent, raised, concrete bleachers in addition to temporary seating and standing areas.

The stage is spherical in shape and measures 34’ wide by 30’ deep and it is elevated 3’3” off the ground. The stage is made of concrete and is partially covered by a sloping roof. Access is available upstage right and upstage left.

Mel Lastman Square also has a 6,724sq.ft. Garden Court, a 23sq.ft. shaded Wedding Pavilion and a 7,656sq.ft. Reflecting Pool. The grounds have convenient access to public transit and washrooms which are located on the lower levels of the North York Civic Centre.

Equipment List

Barricades - 14
Chairs - 200
Choir Risers (4’ x 8’) - 10
Plywood Sheets 4’ x 8’ (rental fee: $15 / piece)
Podium (22.5” height x 14.5” width)
Portable P.A. System and Microphone
Power Outlets (110 volts, 15 amp circuits)
TT-stand Sign Posts (22” x 28”) portrait - 8
UTables (2.5’ x 6’) - 20
Water Outlets (non-drinkable)
Water Outlet (fresh water)

Event organisers are responsible for the purchase or rental of any other equipment needed in order to carry out the event. Existing planters, light standards etc. will not be relocated.


Advertising – please note that The City of Toronto does not advertise for political events.

Electronic (LED) Sign
Telephone Hotline – 416-395-7582
Flyers / Posters distributed to Community Centres in the North District only Toronto Website – Melevents Page - Event info. will be posted with other Mel Lastman Square events at

Application for Permits

All permit applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the event date to:

Patsy Zagotsis
Community Recreation Programmer
North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M2N 5V7
(Tel.) 416-338-3343
(Fax) 416-395-7886

Permit approval will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis as long as the event is suitable for Mel Lastman Square. First-time events on City property will be limited to one day. Future events may be held for more than one day, for example over a weekend. Due to the number of demands for the use of the Square, organisations may be limited to no more than 2 events per year. A Parks Forestry and Recreation Staff will be designated to work directly with the permit applicants to facilitate the event. All permit documentation and requirements (i.e., site plans, permits, insurance, etc.) must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled event.

Events are confirmed when the Parks Forestry and Recreation Division has issued an Official City of Toronto permit prior to the event.

Balloons & Bouncers

No helium-filled balloons. Decorative balloons must be firmly affixed at a location not accessible to the public. Balloons for distribution to the public must be air-filled. Releasing balloons is prohibited. At the conclusion of the event, all balloons must be removed and properly discarded.

Balloon Bouncers must provide the following documentation as per the Amusement Devices Act:

  • License or Operator’s Certificate
  • Liability Insurance – specifically for operation of the device or structure

To reduce the risk of gang activity at Mel Lastman Square, the wearing of bandannas signifying group or gang membership will not be permitted during events. Police may ask participants to remove bandannas while on Mel Lastman Square property, and may remove individuals who do not comply.


Only propane barbecues will be permitted, provided the event organiser supplies one fire extinguisher per barbecue unit. For safety reasons, barbecues must be enclosed within a barrier, e.g. barricades.

Barbecues must have a minimum clearance of 10 feet in all directions from structures, tents, equipment, etc. Barbecue tanks may not be stored on City property overnight.

All cooking grease and oils are to be removed from the square after the event. Nothing is to be poured down any exterior or interior drain except for clean water. No hot water, grease etc., to be poured on any grass areas. Failure to comply will result in a clean-up fee.

Cooking areas may be located on concrete only. Plywood must be placed under all cooking areas, especially under barbecues and electric cooking units. Beauty Pageants/Contests

Activities that degrade men or women through sexual stereotyping, or exploit the bodies of men, women, boys or girls for the purpose of attracting attention, are not permitted.


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