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Permit fees for park events waived in Chicago

24-Nov-2011 [803]

Part of Permits

Friends of the Parks (Chicago) newsletter:

Chicago Park District Waives Fees and Covers Liability for Advisory Councils

Chicago Park District officials have listened to the frustrations of Park Advisory Council (PAC) members about permit costs and liability insurance requirements. Under the leadership of Board President Bryan Traubert, the Park District recently announced that it will waive permit fees for certain PAC fundraising events, and will no longer charge a fee to apply for a permit for a PAC fundraising event. As an additional way to ease the financial burden, the Park District’s insurance policy will cover certain PAC events.

The Park District has come to recognize that many park advisory council events requiring permits generate funding for park improvements or programs. Permit fees and liability insurance made events cost prohibitive and placed a burden on PAC finances. In these trying economic times, the Chicago Park District depends more and more on PACs to raise funds for necessary park improvements such as playgrounds, water features, soccer fields and baseball diamonds. Waiving permit fees and liability insurance will help PACs in their fundraising efforts.

Park District-provided liability insurance covers PAC events with:

  • 500 or fewer attendees
  • no liquor
  • no animals
  • no carnival/amusement rides, including inflatables
  • no food sales

The insurance policy will only cover PACs that are recognized and registered with the Department of Legislative and Community Affairs.

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