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Campbell Park

03-Mar-2012 [1063]

Campbell website

Excerpt from the Campbell rink diary

first "toddler skate...
first "toddler skate

girls who help...
girls who help

The first "Toddler skate" morning program, something the staff are trying out, 7 kids plus their parents/caregivers.

Report from staff: The campfire at Campbell was hugely successful. It was so busy that I hardly had time to look around, but when I did I saw that the rink was full of people skating, and the snack bar and skate rental were bustling too. I have only seen Campbell that busy once or twice before, and that only on special events. Ariel and I served a ton of hot chocolate off the fire. We also made popcorn and caramel sauce on the fire, gave out every last bit, and received lots of positive feedback. Someone brought marshmallows so a few kids roasted those as well.

The best part for me was overhearing multiple conversations where neighbours introduced themselves and started chatting while sitting around the fire. I also heard old friends thank one another for being invited to the park, and make plans to get together more often. Lots of folks discussed the importance of parks and public gatherings to the city while they sipped their hot chocolate. Three people who rented skates told me they were skating for the first time in at least ten years.


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