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·16· Growing food on Public Commons

Setup: 08-May-2013 [9177]

• Toronto farmers market vendors have been talking about the market garden possibilities of the federal ex-airport lands near Pickering. There are food gardens in Toronto parks as well.

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Community Gardens

Description: Whether it's growing food or flowers, community gardens are a great way to "play in the mud" with friends, neighbours, and the young ones too.

Part of: Facilities in Parks Food in public space Governance Project: Related Documentation Growing food on Public Commons Parks and Recreation Facilities Using the Commons

Date: 10-Sep-2011 [577]

Pickering Farmland

Part of: Growing food on Public Commons

Date: 08-May-2013 [9179]

Rouge National Urban Park - Public engagment 2012 report  Participants generally felt farming could be a part of a healthy, functional protected area through

Description: Over the summer of 2012, Parks Canada Agency conducted an extensive public engagement program on the concept for Rouge National Urban Park.

Part of: Growing food on Public Commons

Date: 08-May-2013 direct link (Rouge_NUP_Summary_Report_2012_eng_FINAL.pdf) [9220]

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