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The Legal and Regulatory Framework
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·4· Provincial Statutes

Setup: 15-Jul-2012 [1583]

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OHSA  Occupational Health and Safety Act

Part of: Provincial Statutes Public Health and Safety Safety and Liability

Date: 22-Sep-2011 [658]

Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.13

Description: Containing section 37 and 45 under which the City of Toronto can negotiate benefits to the community with developers.

Part of: Planning Act Section 37 and 45 Benefits Provincial Statutes

Date: 20-Oct-2012 direct link [7309]

Statutes and Regulations of Ontario

Description: Government of Ontario website

Part of: Provincial Statutes

Date: 17-Jul-2012 direct link [1597]

Trespass To Property Act

Part of: Provincial Statutes

Date: 22-Sep-2011 [661]

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