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·2· RE: 2013 SAP report for Ward 18, and omissions in Jan 2013 expense record

from Stephan Graham, Senior Budget Analyst, Management Services PFR 21-Feb-2014 [9562]

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date: Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 4:04 PM from: Stephen Graham to: Jutta Mason <> cc: Dufferin Park <>, Ann Ulusoy <>, Glen Synowicki <>, Marcel Vieira <>, Peter Lapadula <>

Hello Ms. Mason,

Please see attached downloaded SAP report for South District and Ward 18 2013 year-end financials. Please note that while we are able to provide the financial information, we are not resourced to respond to questions from the public for the purpose of investigation and variance analysis. We are committed to sharing any readily available information through voluntary disclosure, however, if any of the requests require additional staff time to complete, we may request you to go through the FOI process so a quote of additional costs can be provided to you for your consideration and reimbursement.

Please note that Parks, Forestry & Recreation does not have immediate plans to include SAP data through the Open Data process. The division is currently focusing its resources on FPARS implementation and does not currently have available resources to support the Open Data initiative. This is an initiative we will revisit in the future years.


Stephen Graham, B.Comm., CMA Senior Budget Analyst, Management Services Parks, Forestry & Recreation

City of Toronto 100 Queen St. W, West Tower 4th floor Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 Tel: (416) 397-5348