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Staff Practices Questions in ward 18

28-May-2010 [98]

• 2001 -2009

- Conflict of interest dilemma in the programs that we run regarding cash handling process

- Contacting Parks/Rink Supervisor – having to communicate with parks supervisor through the recreation supervisor delays action - the problem with adding two extra layers of communitcation is that requests may take 10 days (e.g. ice maintenance requests)

- Contacting the exterminator (unless given permission)

- Placing work orders by contacting FRED (this needs clarification as per document given to staff)

- Follow-up on work orders, and work with parks/recreation supervisor to ensure on-going state of good repair to all facilities (as above, needs clarification)

- Creating ice maintenance schedules that complement rink program schedules, in collaboration with parks and recreation supervisors to match community needs.

- Recommending the closure/maintenance of rinks when weather conditions are inclement or ice is in bad shape by contacting Rink Supervisor.

- Talking to park/rink crew directly to discuss programming conditions

- Conflict of interest dilemma in attending meetings where we describe existing programs and recommend new ones at other Wards

- Contacting the permits department directly, under supervisor's permission

- Helping volunteer projects

- Sharing information with community groups that pertains to the running of programs

- Determining program details, e.g.: we have been told that campfires can’t end at 11pm and rink lights can’t stay on past 11pm