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·7· First Proposal

15-Mar-2013 [8859]

First proposal to Parks, Forestry and Recreation about MacGregor repairs

The principle of this SOGR project ought to be: restore the field house to its former usefulness to the community. That means

1. fix the problems that currently discourage community use, and 2. set it up so that when community use is restored, the users can build on the gains made through this stimulus funding. A quick survey of user concerns turned up this first-stab priority list:

1. electrical upgrade. Increase the number receptacles and light fixtures (at least one in every room, including in every basement room) throughout the building (minimum of 10 additional receptacles, including receptacles in the basement rooms). Voltage/Amperage/wattage, should reflect present&future electrical use, to include appliance receptacles.

2. repair or replace furnace (if needed), evaluate/repair/upgrade the heating system

3. If the heating system is restored, then windows, doors, caulking and sealant become important, because you don't want to waste energy in the winter. But if you're not going to add a heating system, so that you're not running a furnace, this upgrade is just cosmetic.

4. Improve access to all areas of the building:
(a) stairs to the second floor
(b) punch an opening through the centre wall, so that programming can be restored to what it formerly was. Rec staffing was formerly much more numerous, so that separate staff had oversight in the two separate areas of the building. Now there are fewer staff, so for safe programming, it has to be possible for one person to have oversight of the whole main floor

5. Install a simple partition in the mens' washroom, to reduce visibility of the urinals from outside

6. Repaint wood fascia and soffit [??]

7. Instal new washroom sinks, soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers

8. Replace sanitary drainpipes

9. Scrape off mold and flaking paint in basement, dry out, repaint

10. Instal a dehumidifier in the basement

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