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Guide: 3. Field houses
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·8· Rink Houses, Field Houses, and Club Houses

Setup: 06-Oct-2012 [6838]

We have begun collecting fieldhouse information on the CELOS website, for eventual transfer to this database. Here's a map. So far we have catalogued 36 solidly-built field houses/seasonal change houses that are either permanently locked (two years to ten years) or used for less than one-third of each year (but heated year-round, in some cases, to prevent plumbing damage in winter). Interestingly, this includes two new buildings constructed at considerable public cost but open for little or no public use since they were completed (three years and two years ago).

Small bunkers used for access – some groups were charged for them, some not (Thorncliffe charged $5000?)

Some of the shuttered field houses are adjacent to outdoor compressor-cooled rinks. We made a slide show with some video footage, called “The Social Life of Outdoor Rinks,” showing inexpensive ways to bring these field houses back in use, and have been using this as a talking tool to acquaint city councillors with the website.

·8· Rink Houses, Field Houses, and Club Houses

Setup: 06-Oct-2012 [6838]

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Field house renovation

Description: Community collaboration for a federal stimulus grant

Part of: Community Engagement Rink Houses, Field Houses, and Club Houses

Date: 30-May-2010 direct link [103]

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