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Dufferin Grove Park Wading Pool Facelift.

26-Oct-2011 [778]

April 6 2008: Dufferin Grove Park Wading Pool Facelift.

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Financing: The cheaper the fix, the smaller the amount of money goes into the “capital projects” payroll account to pay the staff. They meet their payroll with a percentage of the borrowed funds for new projects. So small doesn’t work for them, and they need to push for big. But in this case, big doesn’t work for the taxpayers, or the environment.

The good news: The City forester wrote in his report last summer that the big old shade trees around the pool might not survive the bulldozers necessary to remove all that concrete. So the architect was sent back to the drawing board. The result was better – the Dufferin Grove wading pool will stay, to be covered by a thin layer of new material on top. This is good news not only for Dufferin Grove, but possibly also for the rest of this massive project. If it works well here, the City may apply the technique more generally, and there will be far less waste.

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Dufferin Wading Pool Shade
Dufferin Wading Pool Shade...
Pre Fall 2008, the year of the Wading Pool Facelift