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The Basics: Participatory Decision Making for Productive Outcomes

20-Sep-2012 [6752]

• A core lesson from the recent past is that giving everyone a say is very productive

A quick summary of the workplace culture that has been so successful in Ward 18

  • Routine decisions are made collaboratively by front-line workers, escalated to supervisors as necessary
  • Decisions are supported by reason (good sense) and logic (procedure), with a bias toward reason
  • Surprises are expected and welcomed
  • Horizontal integration and vertical support (not vertical integration and horizontal isolation)
  • Support model of program delivery (not Consumer/Producer model)
  • Park Users are responsible for Setup, Safety, Civility, and Cleanup
  • Conflict is handled through Ostrom method
  • Decisions are continually vetted by peers and supervisors
  • Policy is vetted throughout the organization
  • Public input is welcomed, including regular town hall meetings

The focus is always on productive outcomes (not mainly compliance).