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Arts in City parks

29-May-2010 [55]

• Toronto Arts Council questionaire May 2010

Part of Permits

Attention Arts groups working in Toronto Parks:

From: Susan Wright, TAC Director of Operations at 416-392-6802 ext 211 or

TAC has been meeting with the City Parks Department and we are working together to improve some of the conditions for arts use of parks.

Items on the agenda at the moment include:

  • a one-stop problem solving team,
  • a review of permit fees and additional charges,
  • assessing the feasibility of an umbrella insurance agreement,
  • improved scheduling,
  • improved communications, and
  • development of an arts in the parks manual.

Parks staff have requested some information about the scope of arts programming in order to proceed.

If improved access to Toronto parks for arts programming matters to you: PLEASE INSERT ANSWERS IN THE EMAIL BELOW AND HIT REPLY, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AND NO LATER THAN MAY 31:

1. Have you previously held an arts event in a Toronto park?

2. Are you planning or considering an arts event(s) in Toronto Parks in 2010 or 2011?

3.If not, would you consider offering performances/activities if the permitting process were simplified, more accessible and/or more affordable?

4.If yes to question 2, at which park(s)? Please list all.

5.If you have not selected a park(s), in what neighbourhood(s)?

6.What are the start and end date, or dates, if you are holding more than one event?

7.How many people do you expect to attend each event?

8.What is the nature of the event (theatre, music, dance, community arts, visual arts exhibition, film, workshop, etc.)

9.Are you planning to serve:

  • food?
  • alcohol?

10.What services will you require:

  • Public washrooms?
  • Garbage?
  • Electricity?
  • Storage?
  • Change rooms?
  • Parking?
  • Loading area?
  • Portable stage?
  • Police?
  • Other? 11.Insurance – do you anticipate taking out additional insurance coverage to meet the city’s permit requirements?

12.If yes, what do you anticipate paying for this insurance?

13.Would you be interested in participating in group insurance coverage if this could be arranged?

14.What is your total event budget?

15.Of this, how much $ have you budgeted for City services including permits, garbage, police, etc.

16.Do you anticipate requiring approvals from other city departments? If yes, which ones?

  • Transportation
  • Police
  • TTC
  • Recreation
  • Public health
  • LLB
  • Other, please specify

17.Please offer any comments, suggestions or questions you may have about working in Toronto parks below:

Thank you very much for your response. Everyone who responds will be informed of developments. Please call me any time if you have questions or ideas.


For more information contact: Susan Wright, TAC Director of Operations at 416-392-6802 ext 211 or