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Internal audit

06-Jun-2010 [229]

• Internal Audit Division, City of Toronto: cash handling

June 2010: The Zamboni cafe at Dufferin Grove Park, pizza days, the cob courtyard cafe, Friday Night Supper, and skate lending, all have one thing in common -- they involve staff handling cash. Cash-handling is a touchy subject. Parks and Recreation stopped doing direct food service soon after amalgamation, and one of the reasons was poor control of the money coming in. However, since the decision was made to outsource all food serving to external companies (including those that run vending machines), the City's revenue from food sales has not met expectations.

Meantime, the food at Dufferin Grove Park has helped pay for some extra programs that would otherwise be impossible. The food also makes the park lively. As for the skate lending at the three Ward 18 outdoor rinks in the wintertime, the program has led to a dramatic increase in newcomers taking up skating.

Trying to reintroduce food prepared by city staff, and skate loan programs administered by City staff, was an experiment, by CELOS. Now that the experiment has shown its benefits, CELOS wants to pass the reins to the City, maybe even encourage staff to try it in a few other city parks (and city rinks).

Dufferin Grove recreation staff have been told they are in danger of being accused of fraud, because they handle money without following the city's new rules. At their manager's request, they wrote a report on their cash handling procedures, and how they might be made to fit with the City's approach: Cash handling proposal. To explain this way of fundraising, they printed some posters and put them up wherever food is served at the park.

Several requests to Recreation management led to the scheduling of a meeting on June 9, 2010, with Anila Lalani, a "senior internal auditor" in the deputy manager's office. Internal Audit, City Manager’s Office.

This issue may also need public discussion. What's gained, what's lost, by having City park staff preparing food and handling the cash that supports it? Here is a letter that CELOS sent to some of the candidates for the 2010 municipal election, asking "Do you support community cafes in city parks?"

Community cafés

There is no record of any candidates' response to this letter.

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