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City of Toronto Act
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City of Toronto Act

28-May-2010 by Belinda Cole [227]

• City of Toronto Act, 2006 - This law creates the City of Toronto and tells us how the city is to be governed.

This 285 page law "creates" the city - as a legal corporate entity and tells us how the city is to be governed.

Our research into how laws affect our local parks has led us to these issues governed by the Act:

1. CELOS's submission to the Minister of Municipal Affairs during the 2009 review of the City of Toronto Act - about our experiences of governance in our neighbourhood parks. CELOS identified a number of opportunities to strengthen the legislation to make it an effective tool to respond to citizens' priorities and direction.

2. The purpose of the law and and the principles behind city governance. City's General Powers

3. How the city is to be run and who does what at City Hall.

- in particular, the respective roles, responsibilities and the limits of decision-making powers of:

A) our elected councillors and

B) hired city staff

4. The ways the Act seeks to provide "Integrity and Accountability" in city governance. City accountability officers

5. Provisions in the Act which relate to permits City of Toronto Act and Permits

6. City council authority to establish and oversee city agencies, boards and corporations (ABC's) Council's Governance Authority Respecting City Agencies