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City of Toronto Act
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City of Toronto Act and Permits

28-May-2010 [181]

• Provisions in the Act which relate to permits

CELOS lay researchers looked at the City of Toronto Act for provisions that relate to Council's authority for permits in parks. For more information about Council's role and general law making powers (through its power to pass by-laws), see [law00014 ]

They found these sections relating to specific by-laws Council can pass regarding fees and charges. By-laws re fees and charges

s. 259 - specifies that ss. 7 and 8 authorize city to pass by-laws imposing fees or charges for: city services/ activities, use of city property

s. 259 (2) a fee/charge may be imposed on people who don’t receive an immediate benefit from services/activities but who will received benefit at some later time

s. 259 (3) permits fee for administrative, enforcement and the establishment, acquisition and replacement of capital assets

s. 259 (5) a by-law under the City of Toronto Act trumps a by-law made under another Act or law

s. 261 sets out restrictions on fees, charges

s. 261 (2) makes it clear that there can be different fees for different locations and facilities

s. 263 if local board wants to impose fees/charges, city can pass by-law to say that these will not come into effect until the city passes a resolution to approve the local board’s by-law

s. 264 if people don’t pay fee/s charges, these constitute a debt to the city and can be added to the tax roll

s. 266 Regulations re fees and charges

266. The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing may make any specific regulations about fees and charges that s/he thinks is necessary or desirable.

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