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02-May-2011 [132]

• Staff report - Toronto Police Service: Renewal of the Community Policing Partnership Program Grant Agreement

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Date: April 8, 2009
To: Executive Committee, City of Toronto
From: Alok Mukherjee, Chair, Toronto Police Services Board
Wards: All


The purpose of this report is to request the Executive Committee to submit a recommendation to City Council to authorize the City of Toronto to renew the Community Policing Partnership (CPP) Program Agreement between the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto and the Toronto Police Services Board for a further one-year period – April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010. This Agreement, received in April, 2009, replaces the current agreement, which expired on March 31, 2009.

Under the CPP Program, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) receives grant funding of up to $7.53 million annually to cover a portion of the salaries and benefits of up to 251 officers. Although the program is on-going, a formal agreement is entered into every two years. This year, the agreement is for a term of one year to allow the Ministry to align the renewal of this agreement with that of the 1,000 Officers - Safer Communities Partnership Program. The Safer Communities Partnership Program is a similar costsharing program that is intended to assist municipalities to enhance community policing and six targeted areas identified by the government in its fight against crime in Ontario:
youth crime, guns and gangs, organized crime and marijuana grow ops, dangerous offenders, domestic violence, and protecting children from internet luring and child pornography. Revenue of $7.53 million is built into the TPS budget each year for the CPP grant program. In order to maximize the amount of funding received, TPS must maintain its uniform staffing levels at a predetermined benchmark of at least 5,180 officers. Uniform staffing levels have been maintained above this benchmark every year since the inception of the CPP Program in 1998 and the current authorized uniform strength is 5,548.