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All done

23-Oct-2012 [7321]

So the software that powers this website is in Version 1.0RC1 (release candidate 1) stage. The RC1 means I'm deferring full version 1 status until there's been lots of time to find bugs. It's a big project.

In fact it's about 80,000 lines of computer code: v 1.56  T=4.0 s (131.5 files/s, 22373.5 lines/s)
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
PHP                            240           1395           5293          49349
HTML                           264            126            306          23038
Javascript                      10            244            536           3161
CSS                             11             44            269           2673
SQL                              1            264            488           2308
SUM:                           526           2073           6892          80529

... and it took me about 4,275 hours over about 27 months.

CELOS has been very generous in contributing support to this project, and the Trillium Foundation also contributed money. But of course CELOS is small and couldn't possibly contribute the entire cost, so I gladly contributed about 3/4 of the time myself.

Now, Muster Topics (the name I've given to the software) will be published as an open source project on, where I'll try to steer it into the future, including creating documentation, and hopefully attracting some resources to muster (sic!) the next round of development.

In the meantime, all feedback is welcomed.