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Playground equipment replacement

Setup: 18-Oct-2011 [734]

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City of Toronto Stimulus Projects  Infrastructure Stimulus Fund

Description: Infrastructure Stimulus Fund - is more flexibility needed for project changes?

Part of: City Spending Playground equipment replacement

Date: 24-Aug-2010 [413]

MEDIA WATCH - hurray for freedom of the press  June 2005

Description: Flawed playground injury studies

Part of: Governance Project: Related Media Information and Transparency Playground equipment replacement

Date: 17-Oct-2011 [724]

Playground Correspondence1

Description: Playground state-of-good-repair and CSA

Part of: Capital Budget Playground equipment replacement Playground reference documents Proliferating regulations

Date: 29-May-2010 [74]

Playground Donation

Description: 2007: “Bay Street Fore A Cau$e” donates for playground improvement in Sir Casimir Gzowski Park.

Part of: Playground equipment replacement

Date: 14-Jun-2010 [379]

Playground Inspection Policy

Part of: General Policies Playground equipment replacement Playgrounds Safety

Date: 31-May-2010 direct link (PlaygroundInspectionPolicy.pdf) [347]

Richter Spielgeraete  Playground equipment

Description: here is a play structure company that is not doing "cookie cutter"

Part of: Playground equipment replacement

Date: 20-Dec-2012 direct link [8185]

State Of Good Repair Audits

Description: Accent Building Science audit contract ($804,907)

Part of: Building Codes Playground equipment replacement

Date: 15-Jun-2010 [394]

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