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Food in public space
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·4· Farmers' Markets

Setup: 10-Sep-2011 [585]

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Farmers markets and the rules  What do the rules say?

Description: In 2006, a public health inspector visited the Stonegate farmers market and told the market manager and farmers vendors that they were not meeting the requirements for farmers markets. Turns out, he made a mistake. CELOS researched the rules.

Part of: Farmers' Markets Food in public space Policies

Date: 21-Jun-2012 Source: ASPIO Guidelines [1245]

Farmers Markets exemption

Description: Food Premises Reg

Part of: Farmers' Markets

Date: 23-Nov-2010 [219]

Farmers markets guidelines

Part of: Farmers' Markets

Date: 18-Oct-2011 [737]

Fresh food markets

Part of: Farmers' Markets

Date: 29-May-2010 [318]

Increase in Parking Fees for Park-based Farmers' Markets

Description: March 2011

Part of: Farmers' Markets

Date: 25-Mar-2011 [421]

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