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Public Appointments Policy

28-May-2010 [299]

• City's Public Appointments Policy


This is a summary of the City's Public Appointments Policy

See also “Board-Specific Processes and Requirements for Public Appointments” that includes the Appendix [finish ...] and sets out the qualifications for each board. Summary

The purpose of the policy is set out in Part I - Guiding Principles.

A commitment to community participation and community service is considered key to the City of Toronto’s future. Part of that commitment can be fulfilled by recruiting and selecting Toronto residents who will provide high calibre direction as board members of City agencies, boards, commissions and corporations (ABCCs), pension bodies and external special purpose bodies (SPBs). The appointment of members of the public to serve on City boards is generally important to the City in order to: (i) provide a variety of perspectives, reflecting the diversity of the community;

(ii) represent stakeholder groups;

(iii) bring specific skills and expertise that contribute to good governance;

(iv) represent specific groups of service users; and

(v) bring external funding, sponsorship, volunteers, or profile to the service.


ABCC’s - all have a legislative basis in a provincial act or municipal by-law.

Administrative Bodies - responsible for administering funds such as pension plans and reserve funds

Advisory Committees - advise staff or Council committess about the delivery off a service or program. These committees are not independent of Council, and they do not deliver services.

Agency - a generalization meaning an entity performing a City service

Alternates - people identified by Council for first consideration for appointment to the board if a vacancy arises

Board Composition - number of members of a Council approved board, including the balance between Council members and citizens, (other bodies outside the city may be invited to nominate a member)

Citizen - Toronto residents who are neither staff nor Councillors; may includes people who are not Canadian citizens

Community-Based Boards - City boards elected or nominated by the community, whose appointment must be approved by Council. These boards include arena boards and boards of management of the Association of Community Centres (AOCCs), and the Business Improvement Areas (BIAs).

Interest Groups A "special interest group, stakeholder group, organized service user group, funding partner, labour representative or professional/ technical organization" invited by Council to nominate one or more members to a City board.

Nominating Panel - is the Civic Appointments Committee, or other groups or individuals with the power to nominate people.

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