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2013 SAP report for Ward 18, and omissions in Jan 2013 expense record

From Jutta Mason to Managment Services Senior analyst and Director and Financial Planning Manager PF 14-Feb-2014 [9561]

Part of 2013

date: Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 2:03 PM From: Jutta Mason to: Stephen Graham <> cc: Ann Ulusoy <>,Peter Lapadula <>, Glen Synowicki <>, Marcel Vieira <>, Dufferin Park <>

Hello Mr. Graham,

Last year on this date (email copied below) you sent me the updated 2012 year-end SAP report for Ward 18. Could I please have the updated Ward 18 SAP report for 2013 year-end as soon as it's available?

Has Open Data begun to include SAP data?

Also, last June, I raised a question, so far unanswered, about missing grocery receipts in SAP. I have now been able to compare food income and expenses for January 2013 and January 2014. As you can see, for an income of $800 less in January 2014 compared to January 2013, the 2014 grocery costs were recorded as $3600 higher. The January 2014 number is realistic. So it looks like the January 2013 numbers are short by at least $3000 -- unless there has been a correction since I saw the original SAP and PCard records. If a correction was made, could I see it, to compare it to my records?

January food income (bread plus snack bar plus Friday Night Supper) 2013: $11,321.72 2014: $10,449.66

January grocery expenses: 2013: $1,987.62 2014: $5,590.90

Thanks in advance Jutta Mason

From 2/14/13 [excerpt] Hello Jutta,

Please see attached update for the 2012 year-end. The reports that you requested which shows similar information for each month is not a report that is currently available from SAP.

Please note that our division is looking into the possibility of customizing an SAP report for Open Data and I will update you on our progress.

From 8/6/13 [excerpt] Hi Jutta, My responses are noted in blue in the attached:

....The 2013 grocery expenses seem to be listed as Cost Element 2740 "Food and non-alcoholic beverages" i.e. $12,231.72 to period 6. Does this include the PCard grocery purchases or only the bulk purchase orders? I'm guessing that some or all of the PCard payments are NOT included in the SAP document -- how can we get those totals?

Food expense was recorded in cost element 2750 for 'Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages'. All P-card expenses are included in SAP and should also be included.