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Email: Ice making: for the record

16-Nov-2012 [8077]

• Jutta Mason saying, no the weather is fine for ice making

from: Jutta Mason
to: Councillor Bailao <>
cc: Nick Gallant <>, private email, Denzil Minnan-Wong <>, Staff <>
date: Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 12:40 AM
subject: Ice making: for the record

Hello Ana,

For the record: Mr.Ubbens' temperature requirement does not line up with the facts -- please see the table we made giving the Dufferin Rink ice-making history for much warmer weather in 2009 (up to 11 in the daytime, up to 8 at night). There was good skating on the fifth day after night-time floods had begun: see rink diary

Mr.Ubbens' contention about ice-making is a testable hypothesis -- why does he not want to allow a repeat test at Dufferin Rink?

Also for the record, here is an excerpt from a 2011 interview with David Sinclair of the compressor company CIMCO (He's the Toronto Branch Manager): "Ice could be formed in the night even at 10 degrees celsius, and the compressors have no problem dealing with that (outdoor rink compressors are designed for more capacity than indoor rink compressors). It's the daytime and the angle of the sun that is the main factor." Full text: see CIMCO interview

The angle of the sun is as low in mid-November as in mid-January, that's why Harbourfront is building ice steadily now: see webcam.

It seems clear that city staff have no intention of carrying out the 2009 Council decision, no matter what the facts are. Is this a problem or is it okay?


P.s. I have cc'd Councillor Minnan-Wong, since he was the person who sponsored the original motion.