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·10· Some new insights into Ward 18 donation numbers

From Jutta Mason to Managment Services, PFR and Councillor Bailao 18-Oct-2012 [7372]

Part of 2012

>>> Jutta Mason <> 10/18/2012 12:22 am >>>

Hello Stephen,

Further probing has explained some of the discrepancies in recording the donation totals involving Ward 18 park programs. Some of our cheques from 2011 were only deposited in 2012, owing to the holidays. Additionally, we hear that three small cheques delivered from pizza day groups in 2011 (already made out to the City of Toronto) were misfiled after they left our hands, and were only found later in 2012 past their expiry date.

For 2011 - Please confirm that donations received from Ward 18 park programs were deposited in TWO cost centers: p10389 and p13057 totaling $16,156.

I understand also that there is normally a lag between outside deposits of money/cheques with the City, and the deposits being entered in SAP. Our records and receipts from the city show that in 2012, up to early October, the city has received a total of $46,785.59 in cash or cheques. We hope this will be reflected in the upcoming SAP reports, as it already is in the city receipts we scanned for you.

A suggestion - perhaps all donations from now on can be entered only as "Donations" and only under ONE cost center? It would reduce the need to look in so many different places!

Going back to the unanswered requests from my other emails -

1. please highlight the SAP lines that show the cost elements you refer to in your Wednesday Sept 26th 2012 email:

"However, there was additional revenue recorded as 'other recoveries' (campfire & misc) and 'sundry revenue' (campfire) in the amount of $9,987.03 for a total year-to-date amount of $29,520.16."

2. once all the bank deposits have been entered, please send us one SAP report for Period 8 and another for Period 9, so that we can track Ward 18 monthly spending. I hope this is only a matter of a few keystrokes, and does not place a burden on your staff.

Could you let me know if it would be better for me to go through FOI? Thank you