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City Of Toronto Bylaws
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Skating Rules from the Parks By-law - 2012

22-May-2012 [1188]

• "§ 608-21. Skating" contains the rules for skating on public rinks in Toronto as of 2012. This rule is contained in the parks by-law - also known as Chapter 608 of the Toronto Municipal Code.

The Municipal Code is regularly up-dated. To find the most recent version of the parks by-law, go to the Table of Contents for the Code. The Parks by-law is under Part II - General By-laws. Click on Chapter 608 - Parks-by-law. In between the updates, look for possible changes to this and other by-laws on the same City website or call the city clerk's office.

See also CELOS's 2009 Summary - Toronto Parks by-law ch. 608 - done with a view to looking at how the parks by-law affects people and groups working to enliven public space.

§ 608-21. Skating.

  • A. On a natural ice surface posted and designated for skating, or an artificial ice surface located in a park, no person shall:
    • (1) Use speed skates unless authorized by permit or in a posted area in accordance with posted conditions;
    • (2) Skate or act in a manner as to interfere with or endanger any other person using the surface;
    • (3) Use a stick of any kind except in accordance with posted conditions; or
    • (4) Disregard the instructions or information provided by designated ice patrollers, rink guards or supervisors.
  • B. No person shall access or skate on a natural ice surface in a park where it is posted to prohibit it.

Chapter 608 of the Municipal code

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