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Community Notebooks: Bake Ovens
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Parks and Rec and their NO's

28-May-2010 [95]

From: A.E.
Date: September 6,2007,

One of the Good Food Markets has been meeting LOTS of resistance to anything the organizer requests. She requested for permission for someone to come play music and for a demonstration bake oven. both have been met with resistance. Any suggestions?

From: A.F.
Date September 6, 2007

Having someone play music, as long as it's not amplified, doesn't seem like something you should have to get permission for. An oven would be a different matter.

From: M.E.
Date September 6, 2007

I just want to clarify that I did not formally ask for permission for someone to play music I was just told that that was not permitted under my current permit agreement and I would have to ask for special permission. Given the difficult process of getting the permit in the first place this has acted as a huge deterrent for me. "Amplified Sound" was defined to me by parks & rec permit staff as any music or sound (such as someone singing or playing guitar) it doesn't necessarily need to be amplified from an amplifier.

From J.M.
Date September 10, 2007

Nobody needs permission to play and sing in a park, unless they have an amplifier. If the by-law officer comes and gives the guy/gal a ticket, you could get wonderful free publicity for your market, all over Toronto.

It may be time to complain loudly about this kind of treatment rather than trying to continue to be a good sport. You will be one voice in a chorus...

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