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Helmets numbers in 2009-2010 rinks diaries

04-Jan-2014 [9451]

Dec.22 2009

At 11.30 there are 18 shinny hockey players on the ice, all of them wearing helmets.

Monday December 28, 2009

11:30am 30 hockey, 0 helmets
12:30pm 24 hockey, 1 helmet
1pm 24 hockey, no helmets
2pm 31 hockey, 1 helmet
2:40pm 16 hockey, 5 helmets, 1 goalie
3:11pm 21 hockey
3:30pm 30 hockey
6pm 11 hockey
7:15pm 15 hockey, 1 helmet
8pm 15 hockey, 1 helmet

Tuesday December 29, 2009

11:15am - 4 hockey, no helmets
12pm 9 hockey, no helmets,
1-2pm 12 hockey, no helmets,
2-2:30pm 18 hockey, no helmets,
3:50pm 19 hockey,
7pm - 15 hockey, 0 wearing helmets,
8pm 21 hockey; 0 wearing helmets;
9pm (permit group) 4 hockey, 0 wearing helmets,
10pm 15 hockey players on ice, 0 wearing helmets.

Wednesday December 30, 2009

10:45 2 hockey,
12pm 3 hockey,
12:30pm 5 hockey,
1pm 13 hockey,
2pm 16 hockey,
2:30pm 21 hockey,
2:45pm 26 hockey,
3:15pm 29 hockey,
3:50pm 22 hockey,
4:30pm 26 hockey, 2 helmets,
6pm 11 hockey, 1 helmet,
7:10pm 19 hockey, 4 helmets (3 adults, 1 child),
8pm 18 hockey, 0 helmets

Thursday January 7, 2010

At 6.30: 17 shinny players, 2 kids with helmets and one adult with helmet.

Monday January 18, 2010

7pm: 14 shinny hockey players (1 with helmet).

Wednesday January 20, 2010

Numbers samples 4pm: 2 shinny players, 6pm 11 shinny players (no helmet), 7pm 20 shinny players (2 with helmet)

Thursday January 21, 2010

Numbers samples 4pm: 8 shinny players, 2 goalie, 6pm 16 shinny players (1 with helmets), 8pm 16 shinny players (10 with helemts), 7pm 28 shinny players (1 with helmet), 1 child helmet

Christie Pits
Wednesday December 30 2009

Numbers at 5.30 pm: 12 shinny players, none with helmets.

Saturday Jan.2 2010

Numbers at 3pm: 5 shinny hockey players, no helmets.

Monday January 4 2010

Numbers at 7 pm: 10 shinny hockey, 3 with helmets.

Saturday January 9 2010

Numbers samples, 7.30 pm: 12 shinny hockey players, no helmets except for one goalie.

Sunday January 10 2010

Number samples, 7 pm: 12 shinny hockey players, 4 of them just standing in the boxes. No helmets.

10.15 pm: 12 shinny hockey players, 4 helmets.

Thursday January 14, 2010

Number sample, 7:50pm: 14 shinny hockey players, 3 with helmets

Monday January 18, 2010

Number sample, 7:30pm: 13 shinny hockey players (2 with helmets)

Wednesday December 23 2009

12:30 25 shinny hockey, children with helmets,

5:45 15 shinny hockey (half helmets)

7:35 25 shinny hockey (3 helmets)

9pm 20 shinny hockey, 4 helmets

Thursday December 24 2009

12pm (12 and under) 10 shinny hockey (7 helmets)

2pm 8 shinny hockey

10 pm 13 shinny hockey

Monday Dec.28 2009

Numbers, 3:30pm: 14 hockey players, 9 with helmets (restricted to 13-17 shinny)

Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Numbers at 5:15pm: 20 shinny hockey players (3 helmets).

A strange discussion in the morning -- a skater was saying that people who say you don't need helmets to play shinny hockey are idiots. He said it doesn't matter that it's a non-contact sport, or that the City has never had a helmet-related (or head-injury-related) claim against it, or that the hospital statistics don't separate non-contact shinny from full-contact hockey. He said he'd seen pucks fly up, and people body-checking, and besides, it's just smarter not to take the risk.

Then he went to play -- without a helmet. I said, "wait a minute! You've been making a strenuous case for helmets and now you're not going to wear one?" He said, "that's right. I guess I'm an idiot. I just don't like them."

Saturday January 2 2010

Numbers at 2.30 pm: 6 nine-and-under players (all wearing helmets)

Thursday January 7 2010

Numbers: 2pm 8 shinny hockey (no helmets)

4:45pm 11 level-2 shinny hockey players, two with helmets

6:20pm 12-and-under has 12 players, 6 kids in helmets

8:30 22 shinny hockey with 4 helmets.

Friday January 8 2010

Number samples:8.45 pm 26 shinny hockey (6 helmets)

Saturday Jan.9 2010

Numbers samples, 4pm: 13-17 shinny hockey (6 players, 2 helmets)

6:30 all ages, 22 shinny hockey (4 kids with helmets)

8.15 18 plus, 7 shinny hockey (one helmet)

Thursday January 14, 2010

Numbers samples, 11am: 13 shinny, 2 with helmets

2:20pm 10 shinny

4:15pm (13-17) 6 shinny 1 with helmet.

Friday January 15, 2010

Numbers samples:

11am 10 shinny hockey players (no helmets)

1 pm 16 shinny hockey players (1 with helmet)

2 pm 9 shinny hockey players (no helmets)

4 pm 12 shinny hockey players (13 to 17 age group, no helmets)

6:30 18 shinny hockey players (12 & under and parents age group, 7 wearing helmets)

Saturday January 16, 2010

Numbers sample 2pm: 20 Shinny hockey players (9 & under age group), (18 with helmets)

Monday January 18, 2010

Numbers sample 7pm: 15 shinny hockey players (1 with helmets)

Thursday January 21, 2010

Numbers sample, 5pm: (13-17 age group shinny time) 9 shinny players , (2 with helmet)

Giovanni Caboto
Sunday Dec.20 2009

Census and comparison, 12 noon:

Wallace 21 shinny hockey (7 had helmets)

Giovanni Caboto Rink: 6 shinny hockey, all wearing helmets

Census and comparison, 4-5 pm:

Wallace 24 shinny hockey

Giovanni Caboto: 12 shinny hockey, all wearing helmets

Wednesday Dec.23 2009

12 noon 2 shinny hockey (both with helmets)

5pm 8 shinny hockey (no helmets )

Thursday Dec.24 2009

2 pm: 8 shinny players (6 with helmets).

Friday December 25 2009

12 noon: a light snow on the both pads but there were still shinny players - 8 on the hockey side, using snow fencing for nets, none were wearing helmets.

Saturday December 26 2009

At 12.30 pm. 1 shinny hockey w. helmet

Monday December 28 2009

Numbers at 3:10pm: 20 shinny hockey - all helmets

Tuesday December 29 2009

Numbers at 7pm: 8 shinny hockey, all helmets

Wednesday December 30 2009

Numbers at 5 pm: 4 shinny hockey players (3 helmets).

Thursday December 31 2009

Numbers at 4.30: 4 shinny hockey players (no helmets)

Friday January 1 2010

Numbers sample, 4 pm: 10 shinny hockey players, 5 with helmets

Saturday January 2, 2010

Number samples at 2:40pm: 2 shinny hockey players, both with helmets.

Monday January 4 2010

Number samples, 7:30pm: 7 shinny hockey, 6 with helmets.

Thursday January 7 2010

Number samples at 6:30 pm: 9 shinny hockey players, all with helmets

Friday January 8 2010

Number samples, 8:45pm: the pleasure-skating side had 3 hockey players and 6 pleasure skaters, 2 with helmets. The shinny hockey side had 11 shinny players, 6 with helmets.

Saturday January 9 2010

Number samples, 12.30 pm: four kid shinny players with 1 adult and 1 rink guard, all wearing helmets.

6pm: 6 shinny hockey (2 no helmets)

Tuesday Jan.12 2010

Number sample, 8.30 pm: 27 shinny hockey (7 with helmets)

Wednesday January 13, 2010

Number samples : 15 inside (waiting for unsupervised shinny while the zamboni was on the ice - most without helmets), 4 shinny players on pleasure-skating ice, all shinny players on that side wearing helmets.

Thursday January 14, 2010

Number sample 7:40pm: 11 shinny hockey, all with helmets

Friday January 15, 2010

Number sample, 8pm: 17 waiting for unsupervised shinny, few helmets.

Saturday January 16, 2010

At 1.30 pm there were 12 shinny hockey players, all wearing helmets, and one rink guard to watch them.

Comparison: at Wallace Rink at the same time there were 13 shinny hockey players (4 with helmets)

Sunday January 17 2010

Numbers sample at 1:30 pm: 5 shinny players, all with helmets

Monday January 18, 2010

Numbers sample at 7:30 pm: 8 shinny hockey players (all with helmets).

Monday Dec.28 2009

At 2:45pm there were 12 shinny hockey players (12-and-under game, no rink staff visible) 9 of them with helmets (that is, 8 of the kids, one of the adults).

Tuesday Dec.29 2009

At 6.15pm, for 12-and-under shinny hockey: 14 people, 2 of them adults with no helmets.

Thursday January 7 2010

At 7.15 (the age-13-to-19 shinny hockey time) there were 12 shinny players, all with helmets, and two rink guards.

At 8.10, there were 4 shinny players, all wearing helmets.

Friday January 8 2010

At 8:30pm There were 8 people with a permit there, all had helmets.

Monday January 18, 2010

Number sample 7pm: -- 2 shinny hockey players (no helmets).

Wednesday Dec 16 2009

7pm: 12- 15 shinny players, no helmets.

Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Numbers at 3:30 pm: 22 shinny players (2 helmets)

Friday January 15, 2010

Numbers sample 9:30pm: 20 shinny players, (5 with helmets)

Harry Gairey
Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Numbers at 2.15: 18 shinny-hockey players (5 helmets)

Sunday January 17, 2010

At 3.15 pm there were 17 shinny hockey players, one with a helmet; The rink's building attendant and the rink guard said they tell people that helmets are recommended, but they can't force them, and most shinny hockey players won't wear them.

Saturday January 16, 2010

Number sample: At 2.20 pm there were 24 shinny players (12 and under time, 13 with helmets). This was despite signs all over the change room saying that anyone on the shinny ice without a helmet would be asked to leave.

Jimmie Simpson
Dec 7, 2010

6 pm: - 9 skaters, both youth and adult playing shinny, about half wearing helmets

Dec.15 2009

5pm Tuesday - 6 shinny players, half wearing helmets, a variety of ages.

Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Numbers at 3 pm: There were 16 parents and kids, all but 5 wearing helmets.

There were two lively shinny hockey games going on, and it looked like holiday activities with many dads, almost all wearing helmets.

Tuesday Jan.5 2010

9.30pm - 15 shinny hockey players, 1/3 with helmets.

Kew Gardens
Friday January 15, 2010

Numbers sample 9pm: 8 shinny players, (4 with helmets).

Monday December 28, 2009

At 3.50 pm. there were 5 shinny hockey players on the rink with one rink guard, all with helmets. there were 9 people in the main change room and 5 more in a side change room, changing out of their full-equipment hockey gear. There was 1 woman, but the feeling was of a male locker-room. The zamboni driver was reading a newspaper in his office -- was friendly and informative about the rink. He said he considers it his job to make sure everyone is wearing a helmet. He said they don't have high numbers for shinny but they have regulars. The scheduled public shinny time is 4 to 5.30, but he says the first permit doesn't start until 7.15 so he lets the kids stay on longer.

North Toronto Memorial
Friday January 1, 2010

A rink guard tells me that they don't enforce helmets for 18 and over during shinny hockey, but they do make kids wear them.

Otter creek
Tuesday December 22, 2009

At 12.30, On the shinny hockey side there are 9 kids and one adult. The kids are wearing helmets but the dad is not. he tells me that he was told he has to wear a helmet but he forgot his at home. However he's still skating with the kids.

Prince of Wales
Tuesday January 19, 2010

At 1.55 there were 7 shiny players on the rink, none of them wearing helmets.

Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Numbers at 5 pm: there were 10 shinny players on the ice with 5 in each player's box. One puck, one game, and fast. No one one the ice was wearing a helmet, although some in the boxes had them.

The rink guard said that at the beginning he would go up to everyone and tell them to wear a helmet, but he tired of always starting over again. Whenever he wasn't looking, people would take them off. "And yet" -- he said -- "it's much safer to wear a helmet, and then the city won't get sued."

But he said that when he himself plays shinny hockey, he doesn't wear one.

Friday January 1, 2010

Numbers sample: St 1.40 pm, there were 17 shinny players (little kids and dads, 3 dads without helmets)

Friday January 15, 2010

At 5 pm there were 12 shinny hockey players (2 little kids with helmets, others without).

Inside the change room there are a couple of small signs about mandatory helmets, but the standard metal sign with all the other rules is not there.

Saturday January 16, 2010

At 3.30 pm Ramsden Rink had ten shinny players on the ice (one with a helmet) and ten in the boxes (three with helmets), and a fast shinny game with only one puck.

Tuesday Jan.5, 2010

6.15pm - ice is skateable but has some snow on it, 2 child shinny players, no helmets are wacking the puck against the boards and zipping around.

Sir Adam Beck
Tuesday January 19, 2010

At 5.20, there were 10 shinny hockey players on the ice, all wearing helmets. I asked about attendance and he said there are regulars who come for the public shinny. He said that the tennis pad rinks without boards have many more shinny players because they don't have to wear helmets, and he finds it tough to be always harrassing the skaters at this rink, to put on their helmets.

Sunday December 20 2009

Census and comparison, 12 noon:

Wallace 21 shinny hockey (7 had helmets)

Wednesday December 23 2009

11am: 11 shinny hockey (2 helmets on children)

2pm 20 shinny hockey, 10 inside

3.15 pm 12 shinny hockey

9pm 10 shinny hockey

Sunday December 27 2009

Numbers, 11.30 am: 13 shinny hockey (one helmet)

Numbers, 2 pm: 25 all-ages shinny hockey, of which 6 have helmets (all young or parents)

Numbers, 4pm: 20 skaters for "12 and under" (11 helmets)

Numbers, 6.30pm: 27 for all ages shinny hockey (7 helmets)

Monday December 28 2009

Numbers, 2:45pm: 22 shinny hockey, 10 helmets (younger kids only)

Tuesday December 29 2009

Number at 4pm: for all-ages shinny hockey there were 30 (only children with helmets)

Numbers at 5.30pm: for the 13-17 time slot there were 20 (kids with helmets)

Thursday Dec.31 2009

Numbers at 2 pm: 12-and-under shinny hockey 11 (7 helmets, all kids)

West Mall
Monday December 28, 2009

At 3.10, 8 shinny players, all with helmets.

Thursday January 14, 2010

Numbers samples 2pm 9:30am: 6 shinny players (all with helmets)

Dec.28 2009

At 4.20 pm, 11 skaters (youth) were waiting in the change room, to go and play shinny hockey. They said that they always have to wear helmets, even when there's no rink guard -- the zamboni driver enforces the rule.

Sunday 20 Dec 2009

4.30pm - 6 skaters on the ice, families mostly. It looks like unenforced shared use there are 2 hot shots zipping around while a couple families try to teach their youngsters to skate and to shoot the puck. One family leaving says her sons are tired of being knocked over. (the hot shots aren't knocking kids down only skating quickly past and surprising the little ones who then fall, luckily they are wearing helmets and snow pants)