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Second list of what's needed to repair MacGregor Field House

15-Mar-2013 [8867]

1. The fascia boards can be lined with aluminum when applying eaves-troughs. No need to replace them. The eaves-troughs should be the 6" heavy-duty kind, leading to a French drain to divert water away.

2. The waterpipe from outside needs to be moved away from the supporting beams in the basement.

3. The iron sanitary drain pipes may be fine but they need to be checked with a camera.

4. One basement beam is buckling slightly because of moisture -- it needs to be bridged, for greater strength

5. The building has been sandblasted and some of the brick is wearing away as a result. Parts of the building have been painted. If the whole building is painted with latex paint (NOT oil-based paint), the bricks will be protected.

6. The doors are solid and don't need replacing; the hole in the back door needs an additional covering plate.

7. The windows are old and beautiful. They should have the paint scraped off and then (if the furnace is repaired or replaced) the windows can be sealed with a layer of plastic from the inside, during winter.

8. The chimney needs to be repointed (NOT replaced).