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An overview of Toronto Government

A functional view 19-Dec-2012 [8184]

This is a view of the city taken by re-grouping line items of the annual city budget. It assumes that these line items represent the highest view of city operational units.

The view at the highest level distinguishes three areas of functionality:

Personal services
Interventions for individual citizens (and their property), including Support and Security
Public services
Services provided for everyone's use, including Works and Commons
Municipal services
Corporate management and initiatives, including Administration and Finance

Here are the groupings of all budget line item categories except those attributed to Municipal Administration (which is the most complex).

Note: Corporations (italicised and asterisked) are budgeted separately. The net effect of corporate financing is budgeted under Municipal Finance.

Personal Support Public Security Public Works Public Commons Municipal Finance
  • Toronto Employment & Social Services
  • Shelter, Support & Housing Administration
  • Children's Services
  • Toronto Public Health
  • Long Term Care Homes & Services
  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation*
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Services
  • Toronto Police Service
  • Toronto Police Services Board
  • Court Services
  • Toronto Transit Commission - Conventional
  • Toronto Transit Commission - Wheel-Trans
  • Transportation Services
  • Toronto Parking Authority
  • Solid Waste Management Services
  • Toronto Water
  • Toronto Hydro Corporation*
  • Enwave Energy Corporation (partner)*


  • Parks, Forestry & Recreation
  • Toronto Public Library
  • Association of Community Centres
  • Arena Boards of Management
  • [should include an office for Street Commons]


  • Exhibition Place
  • Theatres
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Yonge-Dundas Square
  • Casa Loma Corporation*
  • MasterCard Centre*
  • Capital & Corporate Financing
  • Non-Program Expenditures
  • Non-Program Revenues
  • *Corporations

Municipal Administration has the most complex set of line items, but they do lend themselves to natural groupings, as follows.

Municipal Administration

General Management

  • City Council
  • Mayor's Office
  • City Manager's Office
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Office of the Treasurer
  • City Clerk's Office
  • 311 Toronto

Integrity Offices

  • Auditor General's Office
  • Integrity Commissioner's Office
  • Lobbyist Registrar
  • Office of the Ombudsman

Internal Services

  • Facilities Management & Real Estate
  • Fleet Services
  • Technical Services
  • Legal Services
  • Information & Technology
  • Policy, Planning, Finance and Administration

Commercial Support

  • City Planning
  • Municipal Licensing & Standards
  • Toronto Building
  • Economic Development & Culture
  • Waterfront Secretariat
  • Heritage Toronto
  • Build Toronto Inc.*
  • Invest Toronto Inc.*
  • Toronto Port Lands Company*
  • Waterfront Toronto (partner)*

Social Support

  • Community Partnership and Investment Program
  • Social Development, Finance & Administration
  • Affordable Housing Office


  • Toronto Environment Office
  • Toronto & Region Conservation Authority

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