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·9· Community Advisory Stakeholders M-N

21-Nov-2011 [795]

• The City's list of "stakeholders" who were contacted to give their opinions about the Recreation Service Plan in May and June, 2011 (and the Parks Plan in September 2011).


Maple Cottage Garden Volunteers


– there is not much info on this group. The info below is from “Toronto Gardens” blog, where the Maple Gottage Garden is explained.

Hidden away on quiet Laing Street that runs between Queen Street East and Eastern Avenue is a little piece of Canadiana that most Torontonians might be unaware of: Maple Cottage.

Standing at the corner of Memory Lane, Maple Cottage is named for the tall silver maple (Acer saccharinum) said to have inspired Alexandar Muir to write The Maple Leaf Forever in Canada's Confederation year 1867.

Like many of Toronto's historic landmarks, tree and cottage were almost swept away by development, until rescued by the City in 1992. Since then, an army of volunteers worked to save it, transforming it into a public space in 2005.

The most important part of the transformation has been the gardens, planted in the Victorian style to match the vintage of the charming worker's cottage.

Step through the pergola arch and follow the walkway from Laing through to the sunny Maple Leaf Forever Park behind the cottage. This is the ideal, green playground for Leslieville kids to kick around a soccer ball or take shady shelter in the lilacs planted at the edge.

Maple Cottage Steering Committee

– could not find any info.

Margaret Fairley, friends of

Margaret Fairley, friends of

100 Brunswick Ave M5S 2M2
Ward: 20

For people interested in the revitalization of Margaret Fairley Park in Toronto, ON, and in the development of community events in and concerning the park.

We hope to have this park redesign and construction done by the 2012 summer season ... you can of course expect plenty more opportunities for formal community input as things move forward ... and of course the longest (informal) community meeting of all is just getting going -- our spring, summer and fall in the park!"

Matty Eckler

Matty Eckler

953 Gerrard St E M4M 1Z4
416 392-0750
Ward: 30

Matty Eckler is a facility that provides programs at quality level training at cost effective prices available to all. It is a friendly and community oriented Community Recreation Centre located south-east corner of Pape Ave. and Gerrard St.

Milliken Park Advisory Council

Milliken Park Advisory Council

Milliken Park Community Recreation Centre
4325 McCowan Rd., Toronto, ON M1V 4P1

Milliken Park Community Recreation Centre is vibrant community centre that offers a variety of fun activities and recreation opportunities in Ward 41. It is operated by the City of Toronto in partnership 4 supportive communities: Richmond Park Community, Goldhawk Community, Brimley Forest Community, and Milliken Community. Check out the wide range ofprograms, services, and events we have for you and your famil

Councillor Chin Lee (Ward 41 Scarborough-Rouge River) is a member, of the Milliken Park Community Centre Advisory Committee.

Mimico by the Lake BIA

- repeat (listed under Lakeshore Village BIA)

Mimico Residents Association

Mimico Residents Association

2408 Lake Shore Blvd. W., P.O. Box 14010
Toronto, ON M8V 4A2
Bob Poldon, President

The Mimico Residents Association is in the region of Toronto, bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Park Lawn Road to the east, Dwight Avenue or Ourland Avenue to the west, and the Q.E.W. / Gardiner Expressway to the north.

Our Mandate
To promote measures which enhance the beauty, safety, and environmental viability of the Mimico area. To promote the general quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area. To promote a sense of community within the Mimico area that respects the diversity of people in the Mimico area. To undertake or support projects requiring or benefiting from community support which are intended to advance the above objectives, and to oppose measures which diminish the above.

Our Parks
Mimico Square, which is located in Amos Waites Park at Mimico Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard West, had its official opening event at the 6th Annual Mimico-By-The-Lake Tree Lighting event on December 6, 2009, 4:30 - 6 p.m. The event was attended by several hundred residents, and was sponsored by the Mimico-By-The-Lake BIA, Councillor Mark Grimes, and the MRA. The organization that will manage the new square and the associated programming will be determined in 2010.

Mimico Waterfront Linear Park: Phase 1 of Mimico Waterfront Linear Park, between Norris Crescent on the west to Superior Avenue on the east, opened on July 28, 2008. Phase 2, which extends from Superior Avenue to Humber Bay park, will not commence until the necessary properties can be secured according to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Minico Village BIA – repeat (listed under Lakeshore Village BIA)

Moorevale Park Community Ice Rink

Moorevale Park Community Ice Rink

(Moorevale Park does not seem to have a ice rink)

The Moore Park Residents' Association
P.O. Box 25
1531 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 4G8
Tim Costigam, president of the MPRA,

The Moore Park Residents’ Association is the ratepayers/neighbourhood association charged with “identifying, advocating and acting on neighbourhood concerns in order to enhance Moore Park.” A non-profit, volunteer-powered organization, the MPRA has been in existence for decades, addressing and leading issues that range from trees to traffic, from development to safety. It also facilitates two-way communication between the community and its political representatives (and staff) at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.


Nesbitt Park Association


Governor's Bridge Ratepayers Association

Governor's Bridge Ratepayers Association

A GBRA sub-committee has been busy working to ensure improvements in the green spaces in our neighbourhood. At the completion of the Rosemount Heights sewer project Nesbitt Park will be repaired. In order to try and have a replacement park that better suits the needs of the residents the committee is working with the Councilor’s office and soliciting community feedback.

This article is from September 22, 2010

Nesbitt Park gets $100,000 for new playground thanks to ratepayers association Nesbitt Park almost lost out on its share of the federal funding that's been improving parks and adding playgrounds across the city over the past few months.

But Cheryl Drynan made sure they got what she figured they deserved.

As president of the Governor's Bridge Ratepayers Association, when she was told that her neighbourhood's park would only receive $25,000 to help clean up the after effects of some municipal sewer digging that had gone on in the area, she went to her councilor, Case Ootes, to see how they could get more.

"We developed a good working relationship with Councillor Ootes," Drynan says. "We just kept at them and at them and at them about money, and we got a call in January saying that he had sought out some of the federal funding and that we would be granted $100,000."

Neighbours of St Alban's Park, Inc.

Could not find any information.

Niagara Neighbourhood Now

Niagara Neighbourhood Now

Our main goal is to preserve the historical value and community feel that exists in this neighbourhood.

We are trying to deal with the issues that have occurred due to living in a vibrant, growing yet historically important area of a major urban city. We want to work with the builders of new projects to ensure that they bring a positive element to the area while reflecting its diverse nature. In 2005 the residents of this community, city planning and our councillor Joe Pantalone participated in several meetings to decide what was best for the future of this neighbourhood. The results of those meetings resulted in changes to the bylaws. The area bylaws were changed in 2006 to reflect the needs and desires of the community.


Stanley Park

named for Frederick Arthur, Baron Stanley of Preston, 16th Earl of Derby -- Governor General 1888 to 1893, also recalled in the Garrison's Stanley Barracks, Vancouver's Stanley Park and, more famously, hockeys' Stanley Cup

Victoria Memorial Mark

tucked south of Wellington, east of Bathurst. Much of the park was once occupied by the Garrison Burying Ground. In 1794 Elizabeth Simcoe's daughter Katherine, age 15 months, was the first person buried there; the last was Private James McQuarrick, in 1863. There are a few headstones naming the dead, many worn beyond legibility, gathered beneath a monument erected in 1902 . A bust sits on top of the monument: a soldier, his cap cradled in his arm, his face grief-stricken.

  Garrison Creek

Another important original feature of the area is the Garrison Creek . The creek ran from above Bloor to the waterfront. North of Bloor the creek was wide enough to use a boat and bridges were erected to provide passage over the valley .In the 1880s Garrison Creek was sent underground in a sewer starting in the south and finally by 1913 the north end of Garrison Creek had been sent underground. The City's motive was that streets were meant to run straight.

Today the area shows only scattered remnants of the Garrison Creek. At Walnut Street and Wellington a plaque set in the sidewalk shows that path from the lakefront to Davenport Road. Niagara curves gently southeast-- laid out more than 160 years ago along the old creek's east bank.

Norseman Advisory Council

Norseman Advisory Council

Noresman Community School

105 Norseman St M8Z 2R1
416 394-8719

  • Could not find any more info on the Advisory Council.

Norseman Community School

We are a Community School, that also has a pool on site. We offer a wide range of programs from sports, dance, and music, to fitness and preschool. Programs are available from preschool to older adults. The 25 meter Norseman Community Pool offers both recreational and learn-to-swim programs to all ages and abilities. Norseman Pool is also known for it's daytime aqua fitness classes focusing on the older adult population. Norseman is also home to the Norseman Masters Aquatic Club as well as offering a popular recreational swim team program (Splash) to children in the community.

North Kipling Advisory Council
  • Cold not find any information on this advisory council
North Kipling Community Centre

105 Norseman St M8Z 2R1
416 394-8719

North Kipling Community Centre offers a variety of programs and services for all ages including preschoolers, children, youth, adults and older adults. The centre is surrounded by a diverse community; numerous languages are spoken throughout the community. This multi-purpose, multi-use facility is one of the City of Toronto allocated priority centre which is also accessible to all. Programs offered here include gym and sport activities, fitness classes, dance programs, art classes, bocce, camps and annual special events. We also rent out space for various functions / meetings. North Kipling Community Centre is home away from home for many who attend the programs and services offered here.

North Rosedale Ratepayers Association

North Rosedale Ratepayers Association
President: Phil Smith

Vice President: Lisa Conway
416-861-1315 x 404

  • The paragraphs below are excerpts from a 2010 report from NRRA President Phil Smith.

The NRRA, led by Lisa Conway, is embarking upon one of our most ambitious projects to date with the redevelopment of the Rosedale Park playground. Please refer to the feature article on the playground project in this edition Newsletter and visit our website for more information and how you can support this important neighbourhood project.

Politics should take centre stage throughout the year with a provincial by-election in February and the municipal elections in November. The by-election was prompted by the decision of our MPP George Smitherman to run for the Mayor’s office and, with the decision by Ward 27 Councillor Kyle Rae to leave municipal politics later this year, we will have a new City councillor in 2010. The NRRA will make every effort to represent the neighbourhood’s interests with potential candidates and to hold all candidates debates in the neighbourhood.

The NRRA will continue to work with the City in the area of infrastructure. We will be seeking to improve the quality of road surfaces in the neighbourhood (Glen Road in particular) and to make progress in rehabilitating sections of the Park Drive ravine. It is my hope that 2010 will be a year of meaningful and visible progress for North Rosedale.

Parks: The tree replanting program was completed in late November with the final trees being planted in the southwest corner of Rosedale Park. This completes a multi-year campaign to replace the Park’s aging tree canopy. Numerous park benches were repainted in Rosedale Park, Chorley Park and the Whitney Parkette, and the lighting in Rosedale Park was replaced.

North Toronto Memorial Advisory Council
  • Could not find any information on the advisory council

North Toronto Memorial Arena

North Toronto Memorial Arena

Chairman: Gord Thompson, Secretary: Crawford Spratt, Directors: Richard Parker, Nora Versteeg, Janice Mitchell, Graham Lloyd, Gillian Jagasia.


The arena is located just north of Eglinton Avenue just west of the Yonge / Eglinton intersection.

North Toronto Memorial Arena a board of management operated arena in the city of Toronto that is managed on a daily basis by Eric Anweiler. The Arena is located just north of Eglinton Avenue to the west of Yonge Street in Eglinton Park.

North York Seniors Centre

North York Seniors Centre

35 Park Home Avenue, Toronto, ON
416 733.4111

Our Vision

North York Seniors Centre, an accredited organization with a solid funding base, is recognized as a leader that delivers quality programs and services through the innovative use of volunteers and strategic partnerships.

  • North York Seniors Centre is located across the street from North York Central Library, and is a five minutes walk from Dempsey Park.

Northwood Community Centre

Northwood Community Centre

2625 Weston Rd. Building D, 2nd Floor, Unit 27, Toronto, Ontario, M9N 3V8 (416) 748-0788

Northwood Neighbourhood Services is an organization that provides programs and services within the community that will empower individuals, families and groups to achieve, maintain and enhance a state of physical, mental and social well being

  • Northwood community centre is in close proximity to many parks including: Pine Point Park, Strathbun Park, Oak Park and Pelmo Park.