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Criteria for closing a wading pool

12-Aug-2011 [505]

• This document was given to CELOS in 2011 by the assistant to Councillor Bailao. The assistant has not been able to find out from city staff if these criteria were generated by the Ministry of Health Long Term Care, or the City.

CRITERIA FOR CLOSING A WADING POOL A wading pool is subject to immediate closure when any of the following conditions are observed:

  • Water clarity is poor e.g. unable to see main drain or grading is not clearly visible from the edge of the pool
  • Water comes is not from a source that is free of potential diseasecausing organisms or harmful chemicals
  • Fouling e.g. faeces, vomit , blood or chemical
  • Sharp objects found in pool (broken glass)
  • When wading pool is closed it is drained or securely enclosed by a fence ( minimum 4 feet) or locked gate to restrict access
  • Filtration or circulation system is not operative or malfunctioning
  • Re-circulation system is not equipped with a filter and disinfectant
  • Drain cover or fittings missing or not in good repair
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter missing or malfunctioning
  • Disinfectant not detected in pool water and not available on site immediately to rectify the lack of disinfectant in pool water
  • A health and safety concern is identified e.g inclement weather, electrical concern or water becomes contaminate.
  • Supervision not available. Person supervising is not 14 years of age and a holder of a standard first aid certificate with an issue date not more than three years old
  • Underwater light disconnected and not certified in writing by an electrician
  • Any other conditions that may constitute a health hazard e.g. power outage, confirmation of pathogenic agents such as cryptosporidium