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Food operations in parks and other public spaces
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City Strategy to Operate Food Services

13-May-2011 [409]

• The minutes form the meeting, June 17, 2010


In June 2010 Karen Stintz moved to change the way food was being dealt with at a city parks. There were additional amendments added by Paula Fletcher in August 2010 to add this to the food strategy report when it came out in 2011. The August meeting by the Parks and Environment Committee was canceled and there seems to be little to no record of any other movements since then.

The minutes form the meeting

Tracking Status

This item was considered by Parks and Environment Committee on June 17, 2010 and was adopted with amendments.

Parks and Environment Committee consideration on June 17, 2010

PE31.5, ACTION, Amended, Ward:All

Request for Report - City Strategy to Operate Food Services Operations in Parks

Committee Decision

The Parks and Environment Committee requested:

  1. the General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation to report to the Parks and Environment Committee on the City's strategy to operate cafes and food service operation in City parks specifically: a. on methods to enhance efficiency and quality of the directly operated food services outlets; b. on opportunities to provide for enhanced community partnership agreements; c. to what extent food services in Parks is a core activity of the Division, giving reasons for yes or no; d. to outline the criteria used to establish food services in parks; and


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