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Renovation Projects Guidelines

03-Jun-2010 [353]

Part of OHSA

Human Resources Procedures/Guidelines
Renovation Projects Guidelines
Category: Health and Safety
Sub-Category: General
Endorsed by Occupational Health & Safety Co-ordinating Committee (OHSCC), December 11, 2001
Approved by Executive Management Team (EMT), February 18, 2002
Date Approved February 18, 2002
Reviewed by OHSCC, November 26, 2008

Renovation Projects Guidelines (pdf)


To provide a consistent approach when dealing with renovations in the City of Toronto and to mitigate health and safety concerns associated with this work through enhanced communication, selection of products and recommended work practices.


Renovation projects can introduce a number of contaminants into the work environment, which have the potential to impact indoor air quality (IAQ). These contaminants may be released in to the environment through demolition or construction activities or the installation of new building materials, and include but are not limited to dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biological contaminants (e.g. mould, fungus).

The following information and recommendations are provided to assist in maintaining acceptable indoor air quality in buildings where renovation work will be conducted. Proactive measures, including the use of these guidelines, can successfully eliminate or control contaminant levels, alleviate concerns, and maintain occupant comfort both during and after renovation activities. It is the intent of this document to increase awareness about the health and safety aspects of renovations and to encourage the use of best practice guidelines as a means of addressing concerns.

Renovation Project:

Any project, work or activity that has the potential to release or introduce contaminants into the work environment, either through demolition or construction of building structures or the installation of new building materials.


See also: Occupational Health and Safety Act

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