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Film guidelines

29-May-2010 [305]

• Toronto Television and Film Office Guidelines

Part of Permits

The Toronto Film and Television Office issues permits for making films in Toronto.

Here is the link to the film guidelines which sets out the process for obtaining a film permit.

and 2 city websites for filmmakers.

The City's film permitting process is a good example of a "can do" approach to permitting. The Mayor and Councillors decided to encourage film-making as a part of economic development, and as a result, film permits are quick and easy to obtain, with an emphasis on welcome and helpful, friendly service. This is an example of how city services can look when the political will exists to make service delivery a priority.

The process for obtaining a film permit contrasts markedly with the slow, cumbersome bureaucratic process to obtain park permits for local theatre performances and festivals, parades, picnics and pick-up or spontaneous games and sports.

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