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Request for information to the AG

27-Nov-2010 [246]

Part of Auditor

From: Belinda Cole

Date: Thu, Nov 18,

In your report, "Annual Report - Auditor General's Office - Benefits to the City of Toronto" dated January 21, 2010, you refer to the process by which audit projects are undertaken as follows:

“The allocation of audit resources to audit projects, for the most part, is based on the results of a comprehensive City-wide risk assessment exercise, prepared in detail by the Auditor General’s Office every five years and then updated annually. The purpose of the risk assessment is to ensure that all areas of the City are evaluated from an audit risk perspective by using uniform criteria in order to prioritize potential audit projects.

The Auditor General’s most recent detailed risk assessments were completed in 2009 for City Divisions, and in 2007 for City Agencies, Boards and Commissions.”

I cannot find a copy of the Auditor General’s most recent detailed risk assessments completed in 2009 for City Divisions. Would you please send me an e-copy or refer me to the link for this?

Thanks for your help.

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