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Farmers' Markets
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Farmers Markets exemption

23-Nov-2010 [219]

• Food Premises Reg

The law that exempts farmers’ market from the usual public health criteria and inspections is Ontario Regulation 562, entitled “Food Premises”. You can check for any updates and see the entire regulation at

Farmers markets and church suppers therefore do not have to provide the equipment and follow the detailed rules for serving food commercially.

The sections of the regulations that exempt farmer’s markets from the rules and requirements for restaurants and commercial food sellers are copied below.

Health Protection and Promotion Act


PART I INTERPRETATION 1. (1) In this Regulation,

“farmers’ market” means a central location at which a group of persons who operate stalls or other food premises meet to sell or offer for sale to consumers products that include, without being restricted to, farm products, baked goods and preserved foods, and at which the majority of the persons operating the stalls or other food premises are producers of farm products who are primarily selling or offering for sale their own products;

“farmers’ market food vendor” means the operator of a stall or other food premise that is located at a farmers’ market;

“farm products” means products that are grown, raised or produced on a farm and intended for use as food and include, without being restricted to, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, meat and meat products, dairy products, honey products, maple products, fish, grains and seeds and grain and seed products;



EXEMPTIONS 2. (1) This Regulation applies to all food premises except,...

(d)farmers’ market food vendors.

(2) No person shall operate or maintain a food premise to which this Regulation applies except in accordance with this Regulation.